Demolition Inc – Tegra 3 High Definition Review

Available On: Android

Price: $1.99

Download: Google Play

We’ve done a review on Demolition Inc in the past, but I figured that after getting a Tegra 3 powered device, it’d be fantastic to review the high quality textures and compare it to regular versions of the game. Not to mention how much more smooth it is than what you would experience on your phone or tablet that does not have such a high power processor. Most would think that the processor wouldn’t add a whole lot of “new features” to the game, so to speak, but it does. That or it could be the entire Transformer Pad itself offering much more detailed content with all of the high powered hardware put together.

Basics & Gameplay:

That said, Demolition Inc is really a one of a kind game and is heavily based off of competition with OpenFeint high score leaderboards that you can connect to. The goal of the game is to completely demolish cities with using the many items you’re given to use. Those items consist of oil, glue and exploding cows. You’re given a set amount of each item and to earn more you’re going to have to explode building that will give you that item. The item you’ll get is usually glowing and labeled on top of a building that’s just aching to get exploded by one of those juicy items.

As most games on the Google Play Store work, depending on how well you do in the game you’ll be rated on a three star basis. This all usually depends on how much destruction you cause in a mannerly time. If you manage to destroy everything (notable, that is) you’ll get three stars in the game (that is, if the time you took + your score equals out correctly). If you don’t destroy everything (again, it also counts on how much time you took) well, you’ll get between one and two stars based of of your score. I’m pretty sure that is how it works after testing it out myself for a while.

The game is very easy to pick up, and the game offers small amounts of very explanatory tips as you begin your adventure into demolishing cities. In every district, you’re presented with numerous building to take out and the game will track how long it takes you to destroy those buildings, there is no set time limit though. The faster you blow up various buildings, the more points you will be able to get through multipliers or commonly known as “combos.” The time it takes for you to complete the current stage along with your score (based off of destruction in the town) will ultimately determine on how many stars you will get. New cities and districts are only unlocked when you have enough stars. If you don’t the game gives you the chance to go back and try and earn more. This sounds tedious, but it really isn’t. I found blowing things up mindlessly to be quite fun even if I had to play the level all over again.

Upon starting a level, a piece of paper is set in front of you and you have to tap on it to sign the paper with the “Demolition Inc” logo. Essentially, you’re confirming that you’re going to follow through with your contract. It’s kind of funny actually. Now, after all that fine print and legal work is taken care of the work orders, you’re free to smash as many buildings as you wish. The weapons, as I said earlier, are quite comedic and quirky. You use the items to send cars flying into building thus demolishing and exploding those buildings. Sounds easy, does it not? Yeah, well, you’re wrong. It takes a lot of practice to get used to, but you eventually get used to it and should be able to pick it up fairly easy. It took me a while because you have to do it exactly right or the cars will go in the other direction than where you want them to go.

After the first few levels of the game (around 6 or so) the cities start to become less of constant chaos and then become more of very carefully placed weak points. To an extent, the carefully placed weak points are fun, but I really enjoyed the constant chaotic destruction in the game. That said, the game is more of a puzzler as you get deep into it. Playing on the Transformer Pad (which is powered by the Tegra 3 processor) was really fun. The amount of detail that was put into the game was amazing as opposed to what was put into the regular normal non-Tegra version of the game. When it comes to the gameplay, I was really expecting some serious chain reaction explosions. Who wouldn’t expect that in a Demolition game? Unfortunately, it wasn’t there, and the chain-reactions were really, really minimal.

I guess the campaign really isn’t my kind of style as it feels tedious and slow. Thankfully, the developers threw in a Rampage mode. Now, this mode is so much more my style and what I was hoping for with the game. As you go through the campaign, you’ll unlock more stages and more weapons for Rampage mode. In this mode, you’ll get a fantastic number of weapons along with free reign to demolish and destroy the city as fast as you can. I think you can see as to why I love this mode. I’m sure many others probably enjoy it too.


Play Demolition Inc with the Tegra 3 processor made the game very attractive as the textures were able to rend a lot faster and look very high quality. There isn’t a whole lot in the way of noticeable changes like aliasing on the edges along with buildings have about the right amount of detail close up. The explosions and crumbling structures are probably the best looking part of the game. Other than that, all the THD (Tegra High Definition) version of the game seems to just add a lot faster texture processing thus giving it a bit more quality than it would have in the regular version of the game.

But, that’s not where the graphics end. The real visual test is how the game will handle and uses physics in the world of Demolition Inc. If you’ve played Demolition Inc before, you’ll see that it is also a very well done physics simulator. One thing that you’ll notice is that everything occurs as it generated as the game goes on. There are no predetermined out comes, so hitting a building with a car could produce two different outcomes. While that is so freaking cool for a Android game, it does make some of the harder stages very annoying as there is no way you can get the angles exactly right since it’s just generated as you go. That’s probably the most annoying part of the game, but is also not game breaking. It’s just a bit of an annoying feature that I would say was pretty underdeveloped.

The background music of the game is far from amazing. It’s so far from amazing, that you often begin to think that it isn’t even there. The sound effects? It’s something you would expect. While the graphics and everything are silly and comedic, the sound and sound effects are not. Demolition Inc, really just gets the point across, and it’s definitely not one of the games that are best experienced with headphones or earbuds. You won’t find any voice acting or dialog in the game at all, which is quite disappointing as it is what you are lead to expect. Mike, the UFO guy, seems like a pretty funny guy, and we get that from just the intro of the game and by seeing him fly around everywhere like a total boss. Surely we would expect some pretty funny one liners or movie references coming from him. But, nope. He’s as silent as can be. I’m almost thinking he’s an introvert, that or he just can’t speak English (hint for the developers, give him voice acting!).

Final Verdict:

I guess this game really is far from awesome. Like I said, it does have some extra details added to it with the power of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad core processor, but it introduces nothing new and it sure as heck is not something revolutionary. At it’s core its a fantastic physics simulator and time waster. It’s fun to blow up building and constantly cause some rampid destruction.

Overall, I like the game, but it is really missing something. I could play this for quite a while, but then eventually get bored and not pick it up again for another week. That said, for $2.99, Demolition Inc is a fine game for you to play here and there throughout the week. It’s nothing as addicting as Angry Birds or Alchemy Classic though. I do give it credit for being one of the more unique titles on Google Play though, many don’t offer that sort of uniqueness.


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