CyanogenMod 9.1 Pushing Out With SimplyTapp

As you probably know, mobile payments aren’t very popular among smartphone users right now, but CyanogenMod is trying to change that through starting a partnership with SimplyTapp. Starting just today, official builds of the CyanogenMod 9.1 are being pushed out with SimplyTapp NFC (Near Field Communication) integration. This will allow users to make payments through their smartphones with just a single tap. Right now, the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy S II are supported, along with a rather wide ranger of other devices that have the built-in NFC. New builds are actually starting to roll out right now, so if you happen to be interested in trying out Mobile Payments with SimplyTapp in CyanogenMod 9.1, you have a really great chance to do it right now.

Here’s the official instructions and download links:

  • To Sign-up – flash CM9.1 on your NFC capable device, and get the Tapp app
  • Costs – It is between $0 and $5 to get an NFC card. That all depends on the card or cards you select.
  • Cards supported – At the moment you can sign up for a Tapp Anywhere Card (like a gift card with a fixed balance), CyanogenMod Tapp Card (Reloadable), as well as various store cards (depending on location).
  • Security – Card credentials are stored in the cloud and enabled to the point-of-sale via standard security mechanisms. By evolving from the plastic card model, this keeps your credentials (aka payment information) secure, accessible by only you, and only when you need them.


While mobile payments aren’t totally popular right now, with the popularity of the Cyanogen Mod 9.1, maybe it’ll actually boost the popularity of near field communication technology. It’s a cool technology, but I personally don’t like the idea of credit cards and all being stored on the cloud just because of the recent LulzSec and Anonymous hacker group incidents. Not to mention the huge fallout with the PlayStation Plus leak last year that was the Anonymous hacker groups’ fault.

Will anyone be downloading the new build that includes the Near Field Communication capabilities? As you know, it’s a free download (aside from the costs for the Near Field Communication card) and is easily accessible via the download link above. Just remember to properly install the build so you don’t end up bricking your device trying to get the NFC properly installed and working correctly. If anything does happen to the device you take full responsibility for it and will not have the right to blame The Droid Guy and/or the Cyanogen Mod team.

Have you tried out the new build that was released yet? Are you liking the new Cyanogen Mod 9.1 builds, and are they working well? Most of all, is the Near Field Communication technology working really well or is it just okay? Let us know in the comments below, it’d be really nice to see how it’s working compared to Google Wallet and some of MasterCard’s NFC technology.

source: Talk Android

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