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Custom ROMs Ready For Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Teardown Reveals Quad Core Exynos Proccesor

Samsung Electronics may have launched their Galaxy Note 10.1 only a few weeks ago, but it’s no surprise that there are already a numerous amount of custom mods for the device that are already coded and ready to go by XDA developers. The first mod is the “TrainWreck” ROM, by XDA member ZedoMax. The ROM is based on European XXALG5 firmware, but the ROM claims to maintain the “stock” design look with TouchWiz and full S Pen functionality.

Another ROM is known as “CleanRom,” which was created by XDA member SafariKing. Similar to the “TrainWreck” ROM, this ROM is also based off of the XXALG5 firmware with the software removing as much of the Samsung pre-loaded Apps and bloatware as possible. As the name suggests, it is an effort to maintain a “clean ROM.”

Next up, is certainly not the last one, but is the “DR.AKRIM  ROM” that was coded by XDA member Hani1980. As opposed to the European firmware, this ROM is based on the Indian N8000DDALH1 firmware. This custom ROM boasts full RTL Arabic support along with Samsung’s Arabic keyboard.

Writer “The Scotsman” from XDA has noted that all three ROMs include your standard tweaks such as being “Deodexed” and “Zipaligned,” along with their own very unique optimizations.

In some other Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 news, a recent IHS iSuppli teardown has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10.1 is featuring a quad core Samsung Exynos processor, which is the same processor that you will find in the Galaxy S III device. The Note 10.1 is also packed with a similar Intel wireless chipset that was powering the Galaxy S III, which includes both the PMB9811 and PMB5712 devices.

According to IHS analyst Andrew Rassweiler, the Galaxy Note, in some regards increases the ante for media tablet hardware.

“The new-generation quad-core processor is sure to make a tangible performance improvement, and will be the main upgrade driver for many consumers,” Rassweiler explained. “A feature that the iPad does not have but which the Galaxy Note 10.1 possesses is the hybrid touch screen, which features not only conventional capacitive touch sensing, but also gives users the option of using a Wacom digitizer pen.”

Rassweiler had also noted that Wacom’s pen is passive because it requires no battery, no power source nor any sort of cords. Sort of like you would find on a mouse because it works using “inductive pen sensing.”

“Essentially one can use the Galaxy note to write on, but still utilize it as a conventional touch tablet,” he added.

Has anyone loaded their Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with any of these ROMs yet? They aren’t entirely beneficial to the user as of yet, but it’s nice to see that some ROMs are popping up for the tablet. It’ll be nice to see how ROMs will be built for the device going forward as it is quite different from your regular everyday tablet. I would personally wait until there’s something more useful out there than what there currently is available.

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source: TG Daily


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