Custom Kernel For Nexus 7 Brings a Notable Performance Boost

Whether you agree or not, you really do have to admit that one of the largest pluses about owning an Android device is having the ability to customize almost everything about it. For instance, flashing a custom kernel can bring numerous different enhancements on a variety of levels. Those settings could include specifying voltages, underclock or overclock speeds of the CPU, custom color settings, and etc. If you’ve read anything about Android customization, you probably understand and get the idea.

Xda Senior Member, clemsyn, has created a modified kernel for users who own a Nexus 7 device called the Elite Kernel. It is essentially a modified version of the Motley Kernel that was originally created by XDA Senior Member, _motley. Here’s some of the tweaks and additions in the Elite Kernel that was created by clemsyn:

  • JRCU is implemented
  • Lowest backlight setting set to 5 (save battery and better reading at night, if you have screen flicker issue it will be more noticable because of this so I suggest covering the ground pin of wifi)
  • Core voltage increased from 1200 to 1250mv on the high side to hit 1.7 frequency and 600 GPU but decreased from 950 to 900mv on the low side.
  • Increased CPU voltage to 1240mv for 1.7 frequency but allows decreased 750mv in low side
  • Increased GPU clock to 600 and pixclock increased (please let me know if you have problems on screen due to pixclock increase but so far no issues on testers)
  • Built using gcc 4.5.2 ( I know, I’m an oldie)
  • DVFS core table completely changed to allow max clock of host1x and pll_c and hit most max frequencies.
  • Enable Thermal_Sys to throttle at 68 (BTW, if you are using system tuner, the reading is +10 as per secret)

A lot of the enhancements in this Kernel are actually more geared towards those who like gaming. That said, anyone who likes gaming on their Nexus 7, especially for titles like the upcoming Horn game and Dead Trigger, this custom Kernel may just be something you want to look into. It should also be noted that all Nexus 7 tablets may not be able to handle this custom kernel due to the aggressive lowering of voltages. If you want to give it a try though, backup your device before attempting any sort of modification (as you should do anyway).

As always, you are the only person that is responsible for your actions. XDA members are not at fault and neither are those who write about the story. When you mod your device, that is completely up to you. That said, if you’re looking to put the Elite Kernel on your Nexus 7 device, hit the source link below for instructions and more information on the modification.

If you enjoy the Elite Kernel and have a good or bad experience with it, let us know in the comments below! It could potentially help some other users decide whether or not they want to try it out.

source: XDA Developers

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