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People love playing around user interface elements on their smartphones. There’s nothing wrong in it and there are many applications including launchers, themes and many more available out there which allow you to perform the tweaks easily. Custom ringtones is another area in which a vast majority of smartphone users are interested in. There are many ringtone creation tools, and app like RingDroid has been around since 2008 with the application being compatible on most of the Android devices, including devices running Android 1.6 Donut. Here’s something new –Ringtonium Pro- which allows you to create ringtones in a better manner.
Ringtonium is a remarkably accurate tool for creating, editing, and sharing ringtones. With Ringtonium, you can create custom ringtones for calls or custom tones for message, facebook notifications, etc. the possibilities are endless. Ringtonium Pro is available for $1.99 from the Android play store, however, the developer also provides free version called “Ringtonium Lite” and comes with limited functionality. Let’s review Ringtonium Pro. The app requires Android 2.1 or newer in order to install and run smoothly.

Getting Started: When you launch the app for the first time, you will be greeted with a tutorial explaining functionality of each button provided in the interface. The app will offer you two options “Choose track” and “Record track”. Tapping on the first option will show you all the sound files on your smartphone that can be edited. Choosing any one of the song will take you to the editing interface which I will be explaining later. Tapping on “Record track” option will let you record any sound, and once you finish recording, you will be taken to the editing interface.

The Interface: Once you select a sound file or record you own, you will be taken to the recording interface. The interface is very functional and contains user interface elements including wood, metal and plastic textures, which is derived from premium iOS app of Ringtonium. The appealing editing interface greets you with scrollable waveform representation of the sound file you had loaded earlier. You can select a part of sound file using movable sliders which lets you trim the sound track as desired. A wheel is provided which lets you fine tune your selection with accuracy of 0.1 second. Playback and repeat buttons let you do what they are supposed to do. Two tabs are provided at the bottom of interface which let you switch to Effects and Save screens easily.

Creation of ringtone: First you have to finalize the portion of track that will feature in your ringtone, which can be done so by moving sliders on the waveform and fine tuning your selection using the wheel provided in the interface. Once you complete the first step, you can go ahead with “Effects” screen (which can be accessed by tapping on second tab) in order to add various effects to your ringtone.
The pro version offers you four effects, including fade in, fade out (up to two seconds each), normalization, and gate (which create a periodical clipping of the sound), while the lite version offers only two effects – Fade In and Fade Out.

Once you are done adding various effects, you can move on to the Save screen by tapping on the last tab at bottom of the interface. On the top of Save screen, name of the ringtone is displayed, which can be replaced with a name that you fancy. Below, there are two options. Tapping on first button will let you select one of the tone type – Music, Ringtone, Alarm and Notification. Alternatively, you can associate the ringtone with any contact by tapping on button which reads “Put track on contact call”. Once you select that, list of all contacts will be displayed from which you can select one.

After choosing appropriate options, you can go ahead and press the save button. If you have chosen to associate the ringtone with any particular contact, a message will appear indicating the completion of process. Ringtonium will save your sound track as MP3 file, which is great.

Conclusion: There’s no much difference between pro version and lite version, except the two missing effects – normalization and gate – in the lite version. The pro version costs $1.99, which will make the app advert free and add those missing effects.
Ringtonium is a must have for people who would like to personalize their smartphones. It offers better flexibility than Ringdroid, while the output is a better in terms of quality. Few more effects would be a treat to have, nevertheless, it’s a great app to make sure.
For people like me, lite version will just do fine, but if you hate ads and would like to have those two effects, go ahead and buy the pro version.

Free version can be downloaded from here.
Paid version can be purchased from here.

For Apple users, there’s an iOS version available in the App Store. So what are you waiting for? Start compiling your own ringtones now!

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