ColorNote Update Now Available

If you read my review on Color Note Notepad Notes you might be excited to hear that the developer, Notes, has launched a new update for the application today. The update brings in quite a few bug fixes to the application while adding some extra content and addressing some common issues people have had.

Quick Rundown:

Color Note Notepad Notes is an iOS-like Notepad for your phone. You can, as the app implies, write virtual notes that will be stored on your phone and on a cloud service if you so wish. You can have a bunch of different notes on your phone. It comes with widgets and allows you to organize all of your notes by color. There is also a way to backup all of your notes securely on your SD storage card. The app will support online back up and syncing services allowing you to sync the notes between your phones and tablets.

Most Recent Fixes

One of the things that the developers have wanted to address is a way to find widgets. Many people think that the widgets not showing up are a bug in the application. If the application is on your SD card you need to move it back to the device in the application settings and reboot your phone. It’s not a bug it’s just the way widgets work on the Android operating system.

Another thing that the developers have fixed is the Arabic syncing problem. The syncing in the Arabic application for some reason was messed up. It’s now fixed and is fully functional again. Some other bug fixes include the Voice Typing features along with the Send or “Share” checklist feature.

ColorNote Notepad Notes now does online syncing differently. The application will no longer send any notes with you signing up for their application. Notes are also now encrypted using AES. The same encryption standard is used by banks to keep customer data secure. Therefore, all of your notes whether personal or not are completely secure and safe on their cloud storage service.

ColorNote also now supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the Tablet UI. Tablet users will now be able to use ColorNote instead of just having to use it online or with their phones. Side menus and overflow menus have also been added for your convenience.

Where to Get the App

You’ll be able to update and get the app over on Google Play. The application isn’t that big so you won’t be spending a lot of your data connection on it. Just remember that if the widgets don’t work from your SD storage you need to move the application to the phone and then restart the device. After the phone boots back up, the widgets will then begin to work properly.

If the update isn’t showing up for you, you probably had it set to automatically download. Thus, you should have the update. You won’t notice a drastic change in the application if you had not experienced any of these bugs.

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