CM10 for Sony Xperia 2011 handsets now available

Sony is great when it comes to releasing firmware updates. If you have a Sony Xperia device, you may be wondering when your device will receive the latest version of Android, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Previously, a local spokesperson of Sony Great Britain had said that 2011 Sony Xperia devices won’t be receiving the Jelly Bean update, however, Sony later clarified on its blog that the statement was made in an error and the company said that the update were still on the cards. The 2011 Xperia devices will be indeed seeing the update, however, the exact date is unknown and the users may have to wait for a while, nevertheless, if you are one of those guys who love to get their hands dirty, there’s good news for you.

Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer FXP, seven Xperia devices now have access to CyanogenMod 10 Alpha builds. CyanogenMod 10 is based on latest version of Android, the Jelly Bean, and all it takes to get Jelly Bean goodness booting on your 2011 Xperia device is to flash it with custom ROM from CyanogenMod.

Sony is very compassionate when it comes down to releasing its own code back to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and as a result it has been easier for custom ROM makers such as CyanogenMod to port the latest version of operating system to these devices, but the custom ROM is still in its alpha version as it is relatively new and still in its infancy, and hence you may encounter certain bugs.

CyanogenMod 10 is based on Jelly Bean, and according to the team, CM10 will support most of the devices that run CM9 or ICS for that matter. It is worth to note that CyanogenMod 9 ROM is still not final yet, even though it has been almost 9 months since the codes of ICS were made available, and this can be attributed to the fact that complete rework of CM9 had to be done by rewriting all of the CM enhancements, but we can assure you that the wait was well worth it as the team need not start from scratch as their code base is just perfect for merging in the Jelly Bean changes, and hence the result is in front of you in the form of CM10.

Ice Cream Sandwich and CyanogenMod 9 were major upgrades for Gingerbread devices, and as a result a lot of code had to be rewritten, and that’s the reason why manufacturers have been rolling out ICS updates later than they were anticipated to. Same holds good with custom ROM makers as normally, they are the first ones to come up with custom stable ROMs. On the other hand, Jelly Bean (and CM10) is relatively a minor update and not many codes have to be rewritten and as a result stable versions of CM10 will be released a lot sooner than expected for all the devices.

Below is a list of all the Sony Xperia device from 2011 or later that are supported by CM10 alpha ROM. Clicking on any of them will take you the page where ROM for specific device is located:

Again, it should be noted that it is just the alpha version and you may encounter certain bugs, and hence proceed at your own risk. These ROMs are meant for testing and not for long term usage. Make sure you backup your device before flashing any ROM. Have you tried CM10 on your Xperia device yet? If yes, share your experience with us using the comment form below.

More on what CyanogenMod exactly is can be read over here.