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China Mobile To Offer Cloud Storage Service

China Mobile is reportedly working on its own cloud storage service called Mcloud, which it will be opening not only to Chinese users but also to those outside of the country.


The service is described by China Mobile as a “digital information bank.” In an interview with China Daily, China Mobile Shen Hongqun spoke about Mcloud, saying “In the past, people deposited valuables in banks. Now, as we enter a digital life era, we have new demands to keep our information safe, such as messages, files and photos.”

At present, Mcloud is in the testing stage, but it is scheduled to be released before 2012 ends. Essentially, Mcloud will enable users to manage their files, which the service separates into nine categories such as audio, video, location, and calendars.

Mcloud’s main selling point that will differentiate it from other similar products is the 16GB of storage capacity that it offers. By comparison, Apple only offers only 5GB of free storage, or three times less than China Mobile’s offer.

Mcloud is furthermore expected to be available for users of the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms, as well as on both PCs and Macs, allowing users to work seamlessly across the different devices that they own.

However, it is likely that some users will have reservations about uploading their files to China Mobile since Chinese companies, in general, are distrusted by some electronics users, particularly those from the United States.

That said, Apple and the other companies offering similar services will feel some impact from this new offering, especially since China Mobile has more than 650 million subscribers. China Mobile is currently the largest mobile operator in the world in terms of the number of subscribers.

It may also be recalled that Apple and China Mobile are not exactly on good terms since the Cupertino company had been unable to create an iPhone for 3G standard TD-SCDMA.

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