Child Labor Rumors False Against Samsung

Yesterday we reported that Samsung was accused by the China Labor Watch of underage workers working at the HEG Electronics factory (they manufacture some of Samsung’s hardware and such). A reader informed us that authorities in South China’s Guangdong Province said on Thursday that they have found no sign of labor law violations in the factory. Though they were previously accused of using child labor officials have said that those accusations are false based on further investigation.

A statement on a local official website said that the city of Huizhou launched an investigation after the China Labor Watch’s accusations that the city’s HEG Electronics Co. had employed children younger than the age of 16, which is a violation of the Child labor laws. The factory supplies various firms phones and many other digital products to several companies which include the Korean tech giant, Samsung Electronics.

The statement that was released said that seven of the workers named by the New York based labor rights group, were two adults and five were aged between 16 and 18, thus they were all above China’s legal working age. Not only that, but the statement also said that the company of 3,100 employee was not found to have excessive work hours to to even have any wages withheld from the employee’s. The China Labor Watch released a report accusing the Chinese firm of forcing children to work 11 to 13 hours a day while only paying them 70 percent of the wages received by the formal employee’s. As implied above, that statement was proved to be false.

Samsung said on Thursday that it would be investigating the factory as soon as possible, they added that two previous investigations had found no irregularities in the factory’s working environment and conditions.

It’s good to know at the very least that these rumors have proved to be false. If it hadn’t, Samsung would of been in a whole lot of trouble. Not only that, but it would of put a whole lot of pressure on how many units they were able to get out to the public. Sure it wouldn’t make a huge difference for the Korean giant, but it definitely would of put some pressure on their sales. Aside from that, it looks like everything is going well on the Samsung side of things while the Apple side of things haven’t changed anything about their manufacturer, Foxconn.

In fact, we haven’t even heard a whole lot about the Foxconn factory. So, what’s going on down there is pretty quiet at this point, which is no surprise because we all know of Apple’s secrecy. Nonetheless, Samsung’s manufacturer hasn’t been employing child labor, it’s all been a false accusation or misunderstanding. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about the Foxconn issue soon enough now that this has been all settled.

Any thoughts on this whole ordeal? I know Samsung’s always getting fingers pointed at, so what do you think about the accusations from the China Labor Watch? Were they just trying to point fingers or what? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks KKK for the information!

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