Chamelon Launcher Beta Available for Donaters Now

Teknision, a Candian Developer threw up a Kickstater a while back to create the Chamelon Launcher. It was finally funded and said that the beta version of it would available in the first week of August. Living up to their promise, those who helped fund the Kickstarter project will be getting access to the beta version of the Chamelon Launcher. If you were one of those people who donated you can download the beta version of the Chamelon Launcher here.

What does the Chamelon Launcher actually do though? Chamelon basically turns all of your home screen into very detailed widgets. It claims to replace it with a home screen that isn’t just more useful but also more beautiful as well. From a few of their Tech Demo’s I would say I have to agree. Unfortunately since I wasn’t a backer I won’t be able to get it just yet.

You’ll be able to set up multiple different Home Screens with your own custom designed layout of widgets and applications. With the Chamelon Launcher you’ll be able to get the most relevant information that you want instantly. Keep in mind that this does replace the regular Google Home Screens, so upon installing it don’t be shocked that it doesn’t look the same! What’s really interesting about Chamelon is how it treats your overall experience when on your device. Screens can also be created based on what situation your in. Whether you need useful widgets and relevant information for work or personal affairs, Chamelon has got you covered.

Many people are excited for this and can’t wait to get their hands on the Chamelon Launcher. As of right now we don’t know whether this will be a free application or not. I almost doubt that it will be free because it got funded from Kickstarter. I think they’d want to make some sort of money off of this fantastically designed application. Either way, from their tech demos and screen shots the application has looked fantastic and I’m sure anyone would be willing to pay for it if they were to want the application. I do hope they take the free route though.

It hasn’t been said yet when the Chamelon Launcher is to fully launch yet. I would suspect within the next month or so when the beta finishes and all the bugs are squashed. Hopefully by then we’ll be able to enjoy this lovely application.

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