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Cancellation of AT&T Employee Vacation Days Hints at Sep 21 Launch Date for the New iPhone


The iPhone 5 isn’t a long way from launch. However nobody knows when exactly Apple could launch the device. We’ve received subtle clues in the past pointing towards October (going by last year’s launch). However, new reports coming from AT&T and Verizon suggest that the new iPhone could be launched on September 21. As TechCrunch rightly points out, AT&T and Verizon have marked out vacation days for its employees from September 21 through September 30, strongly hinting at a Sep 21 launch date. Carriers did something similar last year prior to the iPhone 4S’ launch, so we have more reasons to go with this hint.

The iPhone 5 has managed to get people excited for obvious reasons, and there are said to be a few changes onboard. So if you’re prepping to buy an iPhone now, it would be wise to wait. Some reports suggested that the iPhone 5 will be formally unveiled on September 12th and will go up for pre-order on the same day, so September 21 seems like an appropriate time for the device’s availability. Apple is also expected to unveil a mini version of the iPad on the same day (Sep 12th), which could potentially take the market by storm.

Verizon’s employee vacation blackout was revealed last week and now with AT&T following suite, it pretty much confirms that the carriers are preparing for a big arrival. Considering that VZW and AT&T are the country’s top carriers, it would make sense to guess that all this hard work is for the new iPhone. Apple on the other hand would be busy at work to make the launch a massive media success like it always is. The secret to which is the heavily hyped device launches and the ability to come up with something new each time. The iPhone 4S had Siri, which proved to be a major factor in the device’s success even though the handset looked more or less the same as the 2010 iPhone.

If the rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone will have a lot of new additions besides the bigger display, so we can imagine the magnitude of the situation. The smaller dock connector is also something that we are eagerly looking forward to. These rumors and speculations however can be easily wrong, as no one but a few people know what the iPhone 5 will be like, so let’s not raise our expectations just yet. Come September 12th and we’ll know for sure.

Source: TechCrunch
Via: Phone Arena

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