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Can Microsoft emerge as the Dark-horse in the iOS-Android Face-off?

Assuredly, you would have heard the story of two stupid cats and one clever monkey. While the cats scuffle relentlessly to get the larger piece of cheese, the clever monkey just snaps in and walks away with cheese.  Moral of the story: When two end up in a brawl, it’s always the third one who grabs it all.

The way things are building up, it looks like there is going to be a more practical manifestation of the aforementioned scenario in the smartphone arena. Android may boast its million-figure-sales mark, but a recent survey by Appcelerator and IDC show the increasing shift of enterprise app developers from Android towards Apple.

When a similar survey was conducted about a year ago, the developer community was cited on who they think would take over the mobile enterprise market. The mood was well spread out then, with both Android and iOS grabbing 44% (nearly equal) interest among the developer community.

Fast-forward a year and things seem to have tangled a bit. In the aftermath of wide-spread concerns over Android app-piracy, malicious content and fragmentation, the mood among the developer community has swung largely from Android towards iOS.

The stats in the recently conducted survey show that nearly 52.2% developers named iOS as their first preference, while Android slipped conceivably from 44% to 37.5%. The decline though is not substantial; it unequivocally showcases the growing mood change among the developer community.

Apple flexing its muscle over Android is a cause of worry for the search-giant- Google; but for Microsoft- its show-time. In this infuriating battle (cat-fight) of smartphone supremacy, Microsoft might play the clever monkey and walk away with the cheese. (For record, Microsoft is already minting millions of dollars from Android Royalties and Microsoft surface is all set to revolutionize the tablet concept, which is bound to affect the iPad sales largely)

If you’re wondering how on earth would Microsoft benefit from this tug-of-war, here’s the dig:

Enterprise app developers are smart enough not to lay all their eggs in one basket and with Android virtually out of question, it would have to take resort of some alternative mobile computing platform.

This couldn’t have been better timed as Microsoft’s Windows 8 could be the perfect game-changer. Developers are reacting positively to the previews of Windows 8 and seem very interested in switching over to the newly developed mobile platform.

Saying that arrival of Windows 8 would trigger the decline of Android would be utterly preposterous, but it does ring the warning bells for Google. Perhaps, this might just be the beginning. Developers would not stick solely to Apple as they would be wary of their draconian tactics. What if Apple in the name of quality assurance starts dropping their apps too?

We very well know how Microsoft grabbed outright ascendancy in the personal computing world by encouraging third party developers to build applications on their platform. If the developer community is lured by Windows 8, they could possibly pioneer Microsoft’s renaissance in the smartphone segment.

Would Microsoft be allowed to play the clever monkey or is this just merely a credulous piece of obscure hypothesis?

Dock your thoughts in.

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