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Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Kickstarter Looking For Funding, Coming To Android Possibly

A Kickstarter fund has started up seeking to fund a “new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil.” Developer, Revolution, (famous for the Broken Sword series) has around 28 more days to hit their target of $400,000 to successfully fund a fifth installment to the classic adventure game series that everyone adores. Due to the popularity of the game $400,000 shouldn’t be very hard to reach at all. In fact, they almost already have $200,000 backed within two days of asking for support. Mind you, word has barely gotten out about this game and has only been covered by a few media outlets. That said, there is plenty more funding to come once word starts spreading.

The original Broken Sword director, Charles Cecil, is the guy starting up development on a new Broken Sword game made up of an experienced team. He’s actually managed to bring “many of the original Revolution crew” back on board. The voices of George Stobbart and Rolf Saxon will be returning to the game and this new Broken Sword installment will be returning to 2D with beautifully designed hand drawn backgrounds created by their very talented staff that has worked for companies like Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Universal, Aardman, Sony and 20th Century Fox. From that list, you really can tell they have a list of talented artists on board. The characters will actually be rendered in 3D and then will be captured as a series of 2D frames to stop them from using an unfair advantage of the extra dimension to break out of the world when things start to get tough.

If you’ve ever played a Broken Sword game, you probably remember that they were pretty good, but the question is, why would they head to Kickstarter to get another game made? Shouldn’t their success be able to fund this? Nay, making a game by yourself is expensive. “The traditional publishing model has prevented us from receiving the require royalties to fund future games,” Revolution said. “With limited financial reserves we have been unable to fund our own titles and so we have not benefited from their success. Now you can help us change this.”

Broken Sword is one of the few Kickstarters that I have seen with tons of rewards for donating. Should you so choose to donate to the project, there are numerous tiers of rewards to consider. $15 will isnure you get a copy of the game upon release, while $250 will get you a signed copy of their Game Design Document while $10,000 will allow you access to the wrap party, launch party, “monthly code jams” (I am not sure if the monthly code jams are referring to something with Google or not) and a whole lot more. While I don’t see all the rewards as worth $10,000, you have to remember that the goal is basically donations to get things rolling.

For those that have played some of the past Broken Sword games, you’re probably wondering as to what Broken Sword: Serpent’s Curse is all about. Here’s a summary, and a video where the director of the game, Charles Cecil, explains the whole ordeal to George and Nico (or the consumer in a discreet way):

“When a mysterious painting is stolen during an armed raid on a Paris gallery, George and Nico are thrown by chance into the investigation together. From Paris to London and beyond, the trail becomes a race against time as dark forces from Europe’s turbulent past are woken from their slumber. Broken Sword characters old and new are encountered – but who can George and Nico trust? The journey they are on reveals a conspiracy as old as the written word, whose ancient heresies will cause innocent blood to spill once more…”

It’ll be interesting to see if the Kickstarter gets funded, which I am sure it will, but it’s a pretty old series, so I’m not sure how many people actually remember it or would be interested in something like this. I personally wouldn’t mind helping fund the project at the $250 level because having a Game Design Document sounds pretty dang cool (not to mention that its signed along with a few comic books!). I also wouldn’t mind finding out what the monthly code jam actually is though. It’s probably a competition like the Ludum Dare, but it’d also be cool if there were people along with that that would be willing to teach you how to code. I think that may be me just dreaming though. Either way, it’d be awesome to fund an old classic legend like this, it’d be even more awesome to see it come to life soon too.

I should mention that for you Steam users out there, it’s still under talk as to whether Broken Sword: Serpent’s Curse will be on Steam or not. They’re still on talks with Steam, so they can’t guarantee it as of yet, but they do hope to have it on there. Although, they have already made arrangements with GOG (Good ol’ Games) to offer codes off of there. While that isn’t Steam per say, GoG is still a fantastic service for old classics and even some newer games. That said, I wouldn’t mind getting a GoG key either. I would be interested to see if they could get the game on Steam though, I’m sure it’d add some publicity to the game while increasing sales for the independent company rapidly.

As for a release date on the game, I think they are aiming for April of 2013. This is the date for the estimated delivery on all of their rewards (which, ironically include the full game) so I would only assume that they want to get this out for an early spring release. Don’t take my word for it though, game development can be very involved and you never know if the game will be seeing a delay or not. I’d still assume that some of the rewards would be fulfilled by April though, but rewards like the game surely wouldn’t. Again, I’m not entirely sure, but it does look like they want to head for an April release of the game. While that isn’t to far a way, if you watched the video, they’ve said they have already been in development for six months, so the game is well on its way to completion. The community’s donations is going to allow them to finish the game.

On a side note, I saw an Android phone somewhere in the video. That said, I hope that this game will be hitting Android devices too!

Anyone plan on funding the Kickstarter? If so, have you played the game or even heard about it before? Let us know in the comments below!

source: PC Gamer

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