Blood & Glory: Legends Now Available on Google Play Store

After Glu Mobile released a teaser video last week of their upcoming and newest title, Blood & Glory: Legend, they have finally decided that it was time to release the game to the public for free! The title is following up with the original Blood & Glory game. Some of the gameplay features epic one-on-one battles against the AI (Artificial Intelligence). Most of the battles will be taking place in an arena themed with an ancient Roman stadium (almost looks like the Colosseum). There are other environments in the game, but this one is the most notable one. As players go through and win battles they’ll be able to earn gold that will allow you to purchase new items, or if you so desire, you can throw down some money through in-app purchases. Honestly, this game actually looks really, really cool. It’s probably even better on a Tegra 3 powered machine.

There is also a strategic aspect to this game. You have to combine various different moves and if you select the proper equipment for your character, you will be on the road to success and eventually the champion of Rome. Outside of the game graphics, Glu Mobile is using a rather nice comic book theme to advance the story of the game, that is, if you’re interested in that type of stuff. Most of you probably just want to get on with the violence!

Is anyone interested in getting this new free title from Glu Mobile? It’s completely free and is just going to cost you a whopping 315mb. It’s much smaller than games like The Dark Knight Rises or the Amazing Spider-Man. Have you tried the game already? Let us know how you like it, we’d love to hear if its any good and worth trying out!

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source: Google Play
via: Talk Android

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