Blood and Glory: Legends Graphical Teaser Trailer

The recognized game developer, Glu Mobile, just released its first official teaser trailer for its newest upcoming title. It’s going to be known as, Blood and Glory: Legend, and will be the successor or sequel to the company’s other wildly successful free game, Blood and Glory. Little is explained in the teaser trailer, it’s all gibberish to me really. I think that the goal of it was to tease the graphical quality that Glu Mobile is bringing to the game. The visuals are really stunning in the trailer and you also see some vicious barbarians going at it in a gladiator match. The 30 second trailer does show a gladiator preparing to fight to the death for around 23 seconds before showing him hitting up the battlefield for a total of 7 seconds. It’s one of those “slow-mo” trailers. Still, I love the Roman theme they seem to be going for in this game, I’m a big fan of Roman history. Thus I can’t wait to see what this game is all about when it releases.

The graphical overhaul that Glu Mobile is putting into this game may finally be saying that the company is ready to step up its game and compete with the likes of Gameloft and The Dark Knight Rises. It’s last iteration of the game was terrible when it came to graphical quality, not to mention how horrid the gameplay was. Hopefully this sequel will be fixing both of those highly complained features. Blood and Glory: Legends is currently listed as “Coming Soon,” so lets all keep our eyes peeled on the Google Play Store. While wait for the release of this title, you can watch the video teaser trailer below and see the fantastic graphical quality for yourself.

I’m not entirely sure as to call it CGI or if this is the raw game engine. If it is the real game engine, I am totally amazed. While it does not look that fantastic compared to what Gameloft had done with The Dark Knight Rises, the game still looks pretty dang good. I can’t wait to get my gladiator on and fight those blasted barbarians in the arena!

As far as I know, it also hasn’t been said if the game will be free or not. I assume it will be since its predecessor was, but then again, never put it past a mobile development company to jack up the price to a good $7.

Is anyone looking forward to getting Blood and Glory: Legends? Did you enjoy it’s predecessor enough to be excited for the upcoming sequel to the past game or are you just excited to see the new graphical quality of it? Whatever the case could be, let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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