BlackBerry 10 to use S4 Processor

The new BlackBerry is all set to be released in 2013 with a number of features that might just bring BlackBerry to the top again. The new range will be running on v10 of the Research in Motion’s in-house operating systems.

It has been rumored that the first Research In Motion (RIM) to run the BlackBerry 10 is going to be powered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro (MSM8960T) processor. The Qualcomm chip itself, is a dual core ARM based CPU which has a clock speed of about 1.5GHz and an Adreno of about 320 GPU which supports HD resolution and the option of multi-tasking. It is expected that the GPU would be much faster than the Aderno 225 GPU, which currently used by the Samsung Galaxy S3 (USversion) and also in the HTC One X. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chips also bundle Long Term Evolution (LTM) capabilities.

According to the Wall Street Journal report the RIM chief executive, Thorsten Heins, has said that the finishing line is near and new the RIM Smartphone will roll out in 2013.

Andrew McLeod, the managing director of RIM’s operations in Canada says that, “We’re in the process of finalizing the software.” He further adds that, “It was at a point where we had a confidence level that we could really demonstrate the validity of the products and software. People were excited with what they saw.” This was when the two beta versions were shown.

The two devices would be full touch screen devices and also a hybrid (which has both a physical keyboard and the touch system). It is also confirmed that the final version will include all three in the categories.

RIM has suffered considerably over the years globally since the rise of the Apple’s iPhone and the introduction of Android phones by Google, which is used by big shot companies like HTC and Samsung.

The recent figures collected by Gartner Inc. show that the second quarter of this year has shown RIM dropped 50% of its already little 11.7 market share from the year 2011 to clock in at 5.2% for the Q2. It is crucial that the next BB10 proves to be a success for its company for its survival in the long run.

The manufacturers have also started taking the user feedback more seriously as it is evident from the display screen. In a recent note written on the BlackBerry’s Developer blog it has been confirmed that the screen resolution of the smart phone has indeed been increased. The full screen resolution in touch screen is 1280×720 (16:9) whereas for the hybrid it is 720×720 (1:1).

The note states that, “The fact that we are standardizing on two main screen resolutions going forward has been largely influenced by you, our community of developers. We are committed to making the BlackBerry platform the absolute best-and easiest- application platform for you to develop on in order to innovate and grow your business.”

Only time will tell whether the BlackBerry proves to be a success and reclaim its lost market share through its new range.


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