Black Samsung Galaxy S III Starting to Build A Hype

The Black Samsung Galaxy S III rumors started just recently after photos emerged showing the popular smartphone in totally different hue. Samsung made its flagship available in three colors namely “Garnet Red,” “Pebble Blue” and “Marble White,” just enough to provide people a few options to choose from.

While the information available on the net right now are definitely rumors as Samsung kept its mouth shut about the rumors, some signs suggest that it might just be released in the near future. Aere are some of the reasons why it’s easier to believe that than not.

An exclusive report from GSM Arena shows that there is indeed a version of Galaxy S III in black color. The site claimed to have looked into a UK mobile phone retailer’s inventory database and found a description of “Samsung Galaxy S3 Black.” Fortunately, they were able to take a shot of it. Also included in the picture is yet another description suggesting that the handset may just also come in blue color.

A photo of the device was also posted on Samsung’s official Facebook page. It is a part of London 2012 Olympics gallery intended to give more focus on the handset being one of the sponsors of the prestigious global event. Photography enthusiasts, however, are skeptical about the color of the device. They believe it is actually a Pebble Blue-colored GS3 that received poor lighting during the shot reflecting a rather darker color.

Still another photo taken in the subway suggests the same but then it looks like it’s photoshopped at some point. If these photos are the ones to be used to base the allegations that there is an upcoming release of black GS3, it would take as many as possible to let everyone believe it’s true. However, GSM Arena’s photo of Carphone Warehouse’s inventory database would leave us thinking perhaps the rumors are true. But who cares?

Colors do not really make an impression like that of the specs and they are often the features geeks don’t mind. Based on the reviews, Pebble Blue is the most popular color in GS3 world considering the fact there are quite a few smartphones available in the market today with such fresh-looking color.

I also believe black could never create an impact because it is the most common color of smartphones nowadays. But it’s good to know Samsung is trying to give people as much option as possible when it comes to choosing colors.

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