Black Galaxy S III On Its Way With 64GB Of Storage, Says a Retailer

We all know that the black version of the Samsung Galaxy S III has really at it’s core been a rumor. Good news for everyone though, they’ve abandoned the rumor and has been confirmed and validated by showing up on Clove UK, an English retailer.

As of now, the only version that Clove UK has listed is the 64GB. We haven’t seen any of them in the 16 or 32GB versions on the store. Android Police had reached out to them to inquire about it, but they could neither confirm or deny whether the Samsung Galaxy S III would be available in the 16GB or 32GB storage options. I bet we could bet on a 16GB and 32GB version eventually, that is, unless the 64GB version is exclusive to the black model. That would be highly unlikely though.

At this point, I think it’s a little late for the 64GB version to come out. It took them way to long to get the device out with that storage option. Thus, anyone who was looking to purchase the 64GB version has probably already went out and gotten a 32GB version and thrown a 32GB SD Card in it to increase the capacity to their preferred size. Obviously, new comers to the Galaxy S III will be interested in this, but I highly doubt we’ll be seeing anyone want to shell out a good $700+ on a larger version of the Galaxy S III when you can just as easily get a decent SD Card for $20 or so. Who knows though, I could be completely wrong and it could just go out of stock when its ready for pre-purchase.

We’ve been told that it should be releasing in October sometime. Keep your eyes peeled on TheDroidGuy and we’ll let you know when its ready for pre-order/purchase!

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