BERO Open Source Robot Asking For Funding On Kickstarter

A very small startup established in New York city, Reality Robots Limited, has announced a brand new Kickstarter project with the goal to create a “multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platform.” The device has been called “BERO,” and to control it Reality Robotics is planning to create a open source application that will run on the Android operating system. This BERO device is based off of a Google Bug Droid robot that was observed during the Maker Faire just last year. The inventors haven’t been able to get a confident response one way or another from Google regrading the use of the Google Bug Droid form, so it sounds like they are getting ready to move forward with some different options.

The startup company has developed six different variants of the BERO device based on the funding level you decide on Kickstarter:

  • BERO Basic – This one is not really a robot. It has a white matte finish plastic shell, but no motors or electronics. So it is basically a “desk accessory.”
  • BERO BluetooTh – this model will be made from a matte blue transparent plastic shell. Two motors will be inside enable the robot to move around and 2 LED eyes. The ability to control the robot via an Android app using Bluetooth.
  • BERO Backer – Based on the BERO Bluetooth, this model adds three more motors. The additional motors enable movement of the left and right arms and allow the head to turn right and left. The BERO Backer will come in a matte white finish.
  • BERO Basshead – Very similar to the BERO Backer, but in a black matte finish, 2 LEDs are added to light up a pair of “headphones.”
  • BERO Bling Silver Limited Edition – Another model based on the BERO Backer, this one will come with a shiny silver chrome shell. Yet another motor will be added that enables side to side motion for the torso. This model also gets both LED eyes and headphones and will have a built-in infrared optical navigation system so the robot can avoid running into objects.
  • BERO Bling Gold Plated Limited Edition – This is the same as the Silver edition, but in gold plating.

BERO models will come with the cool ability to play different sound files through an onboard speaker and amplifier. It does seem that this will initially be limited to .wav files. They haven’t said if other sound files will be added in the future or not. Reality Robots hopes that with this successful Kickstarter campaign, they will be able to ship some of these pre-ordered BEROs starting in late November and hopefully early December. If you’re interested in checking out any more details, hit the source link below and maybe even consider giving the project a pledge. It sounds really cool and it might just be worth pledging for.

source: Kickstarter
via: Talk Android