Berlin Fair Showcased ASUS Vivo Tab And Vivo Tab RT

The recent annual international trade fair in Germany (IFA) has revealed to the world the latest gadgets running the soon to be released Windows  operating system. One of the companies that attended the fair was ASUS, the world’s fifth largest PC vendor last year. The Taiwanese firm however, did not show any new PC model but instead wowed the audience with its presentation about its latest  Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT. These two tablets were initially known as the ASUS Tablet 810 and ASUS Tablet 600, respectively.

The Vivo Tab, as expected will run on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system for mobiles. The device features an 11.6-inch in-plane switching display sporting a 1,366×768 resolution with additional support for a Wacom digitizer input, as an added feature to a 10-point multitouch. The Vivo Tab packs a powerful Intel Atom CPU with a 2 GB memory, and 64 GB of storage space. At 0.33 inches thick, the Vivo Tab weighs about 1.5 pounds at most. It has an 8-megapixel camera and LED flash, aside from the 2-megapixel built-in camera in front. In addition, the Vivo Tab will also be equipped with an NFC sensor.

Meanwhile, the Vivo Tab RT is even slightly smaller and thinner at 0.33 inches thick and 1.1 pounds. It has an 10.1-inch screen using the same IPS display as the Vivo Tab. However, the real significant difference between the two can be found under the hood. Unlike the Vivo Tab, this one sports a Tegra 3 processor and a 12-core GPU, 32 GB of internal storage, and 2 GB of memory. The cameras are the same ones on Vivo Tab as well as the NFC sensor.

As these are ASUS devices, they will come with the famed Transformer-like dock, trackpad, a second battery, two USB ports, and a QWERTY keyboard. ASUS did not reveal when the said devices will be available and how much each of them will cost.

source: engadget

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