Beats May Be Building a new Android Smartphone and TV to Take on Apple

Since the launch of Original Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre’s company has really picked up and made a name for itself in the global scene.  Today, we have something completely unexpected – smartphones and TVs from the same company that brought Beats by Dr. Dre.  According to BGR website, although music is still at the core of Beats company, it is working aggressively on expanding to other categories aside from headphones – smartphones running on Android.

HTC invested $300 million in Beats to partner in improving its devices – a terrible idea for that matter.  Later, it sold back its shares to the company, which was an even cowardly move if you ask me, because Beats seems to be a company with higher sights.  According to a trusted source, HTC will be tasked with manufacturing the smartphone but there will be no HTC branding (HTC has no shares in Beats anymore anyway) and will run on Android OS, most likely the newest version, Jelly Bean.  We further learnt that the new smartphone will have a custom interface, exclusively designed for Beats smartphones which I presume will focus on music entertainment.

That’s not all, a smartphone is just the beginning for Beats.  The trusted source also revealed to BGR that Beats may be working on entering the TV market with their own low margin TV to compete with Apple’s already in the market.  It is likely that the company will partner with a prominent manufacture such as Samsung to make ‘TV with Beats connect’.  We learn that the overall objective is to create an experience that will extend from the phone to a tablet and to a laptop, much like Apple’s iPhone, iTunes and Apple TV experience.

When it comes to the music sales scene, Beats is said to be working on a service to rival iTunes dubbed Daisy.  This will be a subscription service for music listening for music lovers.  There has been no word from Beats regarding these revelations so far, but it is just a matter of time before they – or Samsung or HTC – say something about these new products.

If Beats manages to pull this one off, it will be a wonderful service and is most likely to be Apple’s main challenge especially when it comes to music sales and mobile music entertainment.  Beats seems focused on owning the whole experience and we can say that the concept is aimed at utilizing low-power technology such as WiGig chip to enable sharing content on various devices and platforms without spending too much on additional components, boxes or incompatible devices.

How well do you know Beats by Dr. Dre?  Do you think the company’s success in headphone production and entry into the mobile entertainment arena can translate into success in smartphone, TV and music subscription service as well?  Let us know what you think about this move.