Barnes and Noble Brings Nook Products to the UK

One of the most popular book retailers, Barnes and Noble, has announced today that it will be bring its line of Nook products to the United Kingdom along with all of its digital content. The e-Ink based Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight will be the first two Nook products to initially launch in the United Kingdom. That’s not all that’s going to be happening though. According to the UK Nook website, the Nook Tablet will be debuting in the United Kingdom soon after the first two devices. Those of you in the UK wanting a more powerful device will now be happy to know that Barnes and Noble’s more advanced devices (Nook Tablet or Color) will be arriving in retailers very soon.

To compliment the release of the devices in the U.K, Barnes and Noble will be providing over “2.5 million titles” of its most popular digital content that will consist of books, children’s books, magazines, movies and apps. Of course, all of this digital content will not be free, a lot of it you’re going to have to pay for out of your pockets while there is only a select amount of books and apps that are free.

Barnes and Noble has also confirmed that the three devices we currently know about (Nook Simple Touch, Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and the Nook Tablet) will be launching just in time for the holiday shopping season. With everyone getting ready for the shopping season, this is no doubt a fantastic move on Barnes and Noble’s part. There is no doubt in my mind that these devices won’t have trouble selling in the UK as the Nook is a widely known e-Reader and Tablet. There are also many people that just love to have all of the latest and greatest stuff too!

That said, it’s apparent that Barnes and Noble is trying to take a dive in e-Reader markets outside of the United States too. Makes me wonder if they plan on looking into a broader international release in other countries like Germany or Sweden too. Whatever they decide to do, Barnes and Noble will be facing an uphill battle in the United Kingdom as the Kindle Fire and iPad are already fighting to stay on top of the market. Considering that the hardware on the Nook Tablet is better than the Kindle Fire though, I don’t think the Nook will have a hard time selling. The real competition will be when Amazon decides to release their second generation of Kindle Fires.

Only time is going to tell on how everything will pay off. We’ll just have to sit back, grab a drink and watch as they move forward with this new market. Hopefully it’ll do well and Barnes and Noble will be able to catch up in their lost revenue though!

Any of our friends over in the United Kingdom plan on getting a Nook device or would you rather stick with your current tablet? If you don’t have a tablet, would you be considering a Nook? Let us know in the comments below!

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