Backup Tool That Does Not Require You To Root

If you currently own a Android device and rooted or even flash a custom ROM on the handset, chances are very high that at the very least you’ve taken at least one Nandroid based or titanium based backup of your original system settings and application data. As you probably know from those backups, in order to take them, you need a properly rooted Android device. Then, if you get a new device, it’s pretty tedious to root it just to get a backup up and running again.

Well, what if you’re wanting to unlock your bootloader after using your handset a while? It’s quite unlikely that your new phone would have root access upon purchasing it. That said, you were then forced to lose all of that data you spent over those past few months, and since your paying for data you’re essentially losing money upon losing all that data. But, no more worries about that!

Thanks to an XDA Forum Member Gigadroid, there is now a tool that will all you to take a full backup without any sort of root access. He’s created a Windows based tool that is currently available for taking any sort of Android backup without any need to root your device. The tool will back up apps, apps data and information stored on the SD Card (if you have one), just like you would do with the Titanium Backup tool with root access. You should remember that this isn’t as powerful as a Nandroid backup or even a snapshot of your handset. That said, it will still backup all of your important data and information that you use on a daily basis. If you have a device that is already unlocked and rooted, getting a Nandroid backup or snapshot of your device is probably the best way to go, but if you want to back things up before unlocking the bootloader, Gigadroid’s tool is really something.

So far this tool has only been tested on a Galaxy Nexus handset, but it should be working perfectly fine on anything that is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above. That said, if your device isn’t rooted and you want to back up all of your data before unlocking the bootloader or just making sure to keep things backed up in case an accident happens (like formatting your SD Card), this is the perfect tool to use in that case. Again, if your device is already rooted, use Nandroid.

Do you have a device that needs to get backed up that does not have any sort of root access? Will you be using this new tool that has popped up on the XDA Forums? If you’re interested in downloading it and getting your device backed up, just hit the XDA source link where you’ll have instructions on how to download the tool.

Any thoughts on the tool? Have you tried it yet? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android, XDA