AT&T Launching Mobile Share Plan on August 23rd

Just this last month AT&T revealed the first details about their new upcoming service for shared data plans and stated that the new pricing scheme will come into play by the end of August. At the time of this writing, AT&T has announced that this Mobile Share Service will become available to its customers on August 23rd of 2012.

This Mobile Share plan is very similar to Verizon’s Share Everything offer. It will allow users to pool together minutes, text and data for up to 10 different devices. One of those devices is required to be a smartphone. One important factor about the Mobile Share plan to remember is that AT&T won’t be forcing anyone to move to their new Mobile Share service like Verizon currently does.

New and existing customers of AT&T will be able to opt between both the classic and new Mobile Share plans. For the average customer, this new plan probably isn’t worth anything to you, in fact, if you switched over to the Mobile Share plan you’d be more likely to spend more money than you currently are. This plan will be a great money saver if you have multiple devices in your family and/or home.

The one thing that you might find annoying is that instead of going over on the original plan and getting charged $10 you’ll have to instead pay $15 for going over on the Shared plan. Either way, if you have a lot of devices in your home, I can imagine that this will be a huge money saver and even possibly save you money on talk & text too instead of just data.

Verizon completely killed their older plans, thus AT&T is playing the game right and keeping their other plans available. Therefore new customers will not be forced into the new plan and will have an option in between the two. The only current difference between AT&T and Verizon’s plan is that AT&T is giving you an option and Verizion is not. That said, you may be interested in switching over to AT&T because of this. Verizon’s much more expensive especially if you go along with their forced data plan.

Beginning on August 23rd you’ll be able to get both unlimited minutes and text along with a select amount of gigabytes of data, depending on the option you so choose. As the graph shows above, there are both cheaper options and more expensive options to cater to your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more and keeping up to date with the Mobile Share Plan from AT&T, head on over to their website and signup for more information on the plan (they will also notify you when it’s available for purchase in case it gets pushed back a bit more than its current August 23rd release date)!

Will you be switching over to the new Mobile data plan? Are you current a Verizon customer looking to switch over to AT&T now? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: AT&T