ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out

Alright Nexus 7, it’s finally time to stop boasting that you’re the only Android tablet running Jelly Bean and make room for the glory of ASUS’ TF300T Transformer Pad. News had begun popping up all around the internet this morning that a few lucky owners of this glorious device received prompts to download the Over the Air update. I, was one of those lucky users and was extremely excited. I had issues downloading it at first, but when I went to download it a second time it was smooth rolling from then on out.

This move is another huge thing for ASUS who has easily been able to surpass all other Android manufacturers by becoming one of the top companies in that area. They’ve proved this by showing how far they can push the hardware on Android (Transformer Prime & Infinity) and have also proven it by how fast they usually get out updates for their tablets. Sure, some people would love to argue with that, but I have personally found that ASUS is the most reliable company when it comes to awesome hardware and fast OS updates to Android.

If you own the Transformer Pad, I’d suggest seeing if you got the update too. It takes a little bit to install, but is well worth it once its finished. I’ve found some very notable speed improvements along with some new awesome features such as App Backup and App Locker. One allows you to backup all of your applications while the other will let you put a lock or key code on each individual application. That can be pretty helpful considering the fact that a lot of people let others use their tablet devices.

With rumors of the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III on its way and arriving before the month is over, this is perfect timing for ASUS to once again, beat Samsung when it comes in terms of update frequency. Obviously they aren’t that hard to beat, but either way, I’m sure anyone who owns the Transformer Pad is one happy guy right now. I was, and am still playing with all the new features it included in the update. One of those features is the fantastically well developed, Google Now.

As a small sneak peak for all of those that are still waiting on the update for the Transformer Pad, I can tell you that Google Now is one of the best features I have ever used in a Android device. It has so many features that isn’t limited to currency conversion rates (i.e. $1.00 USD = 0.811622 euros) or even a lot of handy Google maps integration. I should also mention that Voice Search got an update in the firmware update. It now allows you to access the Knowledge database that Google has been rolling out on their web browser.

To test this, I searched, “George Washington’s Date of Birth.” It quickly pulled up a card of information about him and then read aloud to me when he was born. It wasn’t a monotone computer voice either, it sounded like a real person! That said, I hope you all are enjoying Jelly Bean, and if you aren’t, check for the update! If you didn’t get the update, keep checking!

Let us know in the comments how you’re liking Jelly Bean on the Transformer Pad! We’ll keep you updated as to when more Jelly Bean updates roll out for the others in ASUS’s Transformer lineup.

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