ASTRO File Manager Updated To Version 4 For Jelly Bean Users

One of the more popular file managers, Astro, is getting ready for its update today. It now has a complete new overhaul from a brand new icon to a redesigned UI. This update is unfortunately only available to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean users currently. Right now, devices are on a lower version of Android is going to be stuck on version 3 for now. Hopefully they will hopefully be pushing the update to those users that don’t have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The new UI design is certainly really nice, but is quite different from what the average ASTRO user is used too. Upon launching the application you’re greeted with the brand spankin’ new three-paned start screen offering a search box, folder options, locations and a list of recent files. Swiping to the left will offer some similar options as the start screen but with some more settings to control. Swiping to the right of the screen instead will give quick access to some of the SDcard usage statistics, a task killer and a application manager.

Here’s some of the highlights in Version 4 of the ASTRO File Manager:

Metago has taken the knowledge gained from almost 40M users and built v4.0 from the ground up with the complete user experience in mind. We have focused on ease of use, speed and cloud integrations.

  • Complete UX and UI redesign making ASTRO faster and easier to use than ever including a new “Home Screen” that has 3 tabs:  One-Click Searches, Locations & Recent Items.  You can also do a right swipe anytime in ASTRO to view these without leaving your current screen.
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Quickly access and manage all your files regardless of location (Android, PC, Cloud) and save favorite locations.  Current cloud support for Google Drive and Dropbox.  Will soon support SkyDrive, Box, auCloud (Japan), and others.
  • Recent files tab allows you to find the files you have most recently used
  • New side panels (swipe left or right) to allow quicker access to your favorite locations and directories including popular cloud storage services and the ASTRO Tools (SD card usage, Task Killer, App Backup).
  • Easy to use built-in networking module for Windows and Mac (no longer is it a separate download).  Just scan for devices, choose your device and enter the credentials if required.

Has anyone gotten the update to the ASTRO File Manager yet? Tell us how you’re liking the new update in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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