ARCHOS Gen 10 Tablet Launch Announcement soon, Many have Speculation over Hardware

Archos is popular for their cheaper tablets with masses amounts of storage space. With that said, sales were pretty good for them when their 250GB tablet released. It probably won’t surprise you when you hear that ARCHOS is making another tablet. It’s currently being called the Archos Gen 10 and there is a lot of speculation surrounding hardware specs and all.

I personally think that this Archos Gen 10 is going to almost have to have a Tegra 3 chip in it since the Google Nexus 7 does. If it didn’t I think most people would just take the Nexus 7 because its cheap and would have better specs. I don’t think that they will be having another 250GB hard drive in their tablet either. From the picture it looks like they’re going for a very slim design, so I highly doubt we’ll be seeing that 250GB hard drive again unless Archos decides to revise the model with the 250GB hard drive.

There are claims that Archos is trying to break into the high-end market with the Archos Gen 10 tablet. This is going to be really tough for them if they don’t do it right. ASUS already has a huge following with their Transformer Prime line up. Samsung also has a huge following with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″. With those two tablets in their way I would think they would have a difficult time breaking it in if they don’t do it correctly. A lot of people also like shiny new toys, so depending on the aesthetics it may just sell well based on that.

Archos did provide a brief glimpse of what their upcoming Gen 10 tablet would look like on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday. In the caption of the Photo Archos says that, “ARCHOS Gen 10 is coming…. See you in 3 weeks for the launch announcement!” This is exciting news and based on the specs I totally plan on pre-ordering one of these babies.

This tablet does look like a huge step in the high-end direction which isn’t usual for the typical Archos hardware. Again, there’s still not any information surrounding the hardware specs. A video they released does show a very slick looking tablet running Android 4.x though. That’s good news as most Archos tablets haven’t even gotten hit with the Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich update. The question is though, will it run the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update?

I’m really hoping this will end up being a fantastic tablet. I love the Archos design but their Tablets haven’t been that great when it comes to hardware and Android updates. If the hardware is any good on this Tablet, I definitely will have to give it a pre-order. As for a price point, we probably won’t know until the launch announcement. You could probably imagine shelling out about $350 – $500 if Archos’s history on pricing says anything.

What do you think of the new Gen 10 Archos tablet? Is it right for them to enter the high-end market? Do you think they’ll do well? Let us know in the comments below!

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