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ARCHOS Debuts 7 inch Android GamePad

Archos has today announced the newest member of the Android-powered gadgets – a new kind of tablet specially designed for gamers called the GamePad.  This is a 7 inch tablet that physically stands out from the rest because of the game control buttons on either sides of the tablet.  These buttons include a D-pad as well as two analog thumb sticks.  The tablet is specially designed for easier game play but it can also be used for other purposes because besides the physical control buttons, it is a touch screen tablet.

Archos came up with an automatic system that maps games to the physical controls of the tablet meaning that even games that are tested on touch screen tablets only can be played on this tablet hassle-free.

The tablet has a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and Mali 400 graphics, 8GB of inbuilt memory but with a microSD expansion slot and other standard features such as WiFi, full access to Google Play Store and miniHD output.

According to a press release by Archos, the tablet has been tested and will come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich because this is the platform that has the best physical controller support.  They say that they already have over a thousand games that run flawlessly on this Android tablet with the physical controls and are working with developers to expand this catalog.

The gaming tablet is scheduled to launch sometime in October in both the European and the US markets and will be retailing for ‘less than €150’ according to the press release.  It appears that Archos were very economical when it comes to the tablet’s specs because for a high end gaming device, I would expecting a larger memory (at least 16GB, a quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM).  But then, the price is also a factor and for less than $200, this may be the gaming tablet to watch.

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