Apple’s Recent Victory Ultimately Benefiting Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Outselling iPhone Since Final Verdict

While Samsung may have received a fine of $1 billion in the Apple vs Samsung ruling, but it’s looking like this battle the company had against Apple is ultimately benefiting Samsung. The Korean tech giant is seeing increased Galaxy S III sales. According to Trip Chowdhry who is the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, customers literally “rushed” to purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone right after the final verdict was announced and put in Apple’s favor. Chowdhry used a total sample of three Costco stores and found that two out of the three Costco stores looked at were entirely sold out of the AT&T version the the Galaxy S III handset. In addition to that, Chowdhry had found that out of a large sample of 5 AT&T stores, each store had experienced “significant sales” of the Galaxy S III and ultimately outsold Apple’s iPhone 4S handset.

Man, talk about this recent ruling from San Jose, California essentially turning into a entirely new marketing plan. After this ruling I am very curious to see what the quarter-end results will be looking like compared to Apples results. All that said, while we may have thought it was a sad day for Samsung after receiving a $1 billion fine for infringement and then a $12 billion loss in market shares, things seem to be turning out really good for the Korean tech giant. I can only imagine what future Samsung devices and handsets will be looking like sales-wise. That would essentially mean that the verdict has actually won some Apple fans over to the Android or “Samsung” side of things. Which is good because it proved that consumers might not be so blind after all.

While you may not agree with that, it’s essentially true. The everyday consumer just wants something that works and isn’t necessarily concerned about the hardware or specifications of the handset. That said, unless they are devoted Apple fans, they probably don’t care that they use Apple products or Samsung products, they just want it to work correctly. Lockergnome actually did a fantastic article on the topic titled “My Life in the Apple Ecosystem” which I would highly suggest reading if you’d like a different view point on the Apple vs Samsung feud.

I personally prefer Android over iOS because of the hardware and aside from the screen, is a whole lot better than what the iPhone offers. After reading the article on Lockergnome, maybe consumers aren’t as blind as we think, maybe they just want something that works.

Aside from that, it’s really amazing to see how the Galaxy S III sales are skyrocketing. Did anyone expect this to happen at all? Were you one of the people that went out and got one? Are you liking it? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your opinion on the matter.

source: Talk Android


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