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Apple Wants to Ban 8 of Samsung’s Smart Phones in The U.S.

We all are aware of the Apple vs. Samsung, and we also know the verdict on the recent case. However, Samsung will not give up that easily because the entire U.S. market is at stake here and Samsung cannot let Apple have all of this pie.

The tension between the two tech giants is far from over at the moment because Apple is now planning to ban Samsung’s devices in the U.S., which is possible and very likely to happen, given the recent win of Apple against Samsung.

For now, Apple has listed 8 Samsung devices that it wants to Ban in the U.S.

These devices include, Galaxy S 4G, AT&T Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail.

Apple published this list after a federal jury in San Jose, Calif, decided that Samsung has “Willfully” infringed on five of seven Apple patents. This decision lead to Apple being awarded approximately $1.05 billion in damages and also cleared the way for Apple to take further action against Samsung.

The jury found that Samsung has infringed on five of seven Apple patents including the iconography of iPhone, its “pinch-and-zoom” feature, and the “bounce-back” effect on screen while scrolling and lastly, the double tap zoom feature.

Samsung was found guilty on infringement with its 28 different devices. However, the list of these devices got slim, as most of those devices are not being sold in the United States any more. So the list of potentially banned handsets is now down to 8 handsets only.

In the court filing, Apple said, “it has tailored this list to address a portion of the immediate, ongoing irreparable harm that Apple is suffering.” This brought down the list of 28 to just 8 of Samsung’s devices, which are currently available in the market.

Following the Friday ruling against Samsung, Samsung issued a statement where it referred to the ruling as “a loss for the American consumers.” Furthermore, the statement also said that this ruling would “lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices.”

The statement went about saying that, “Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple’s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.”

The recent victory gave Apple’s stock an all time high of $682.07 per share on Monday morning, whereas shares of Samsung electronics fell 7.5% in the market.

So it is safe to assume that the battle between two tech giants is far from over right now and Samsung will be thinking of other ways to get back to Apple for the loss it suffered both in the court room and in the stock market. Leave us a comment and let us know about your thoughts, opinions regarding the ongoing battle and especially about Samsung’s statement.

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