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Apple vs Samsung Litigation Beginning To Wrap Up, Both Sides Refuse To Narrow Suit Down

With both sides having present their cases in the widely known Apple and Samsung patent suit battle, it’s almost time for the jury to begin its deliberation. Before that happens though, Judge Lucy Koh has requested that Apple and Samsung either narrow down their claims for the jury or attempt to reach an agreement on the matter (we both know that that won’t happen). Unfortunately, it looks like neither requests will be fulfilled. This was somewhat surprising, but mostly not. I was surprised to see that both companies would do neither with the case coming up on a close, but at the same time, the two bullheaded companies not giving in wasn’t very surprising.

This means that not only will the jury have to decide who’s in their right motive (obviously Samsung is since the Judge thinks Apple’s lawyers are smoking crack or something), but they’ll also have to sift through the many claims of both Apple and Samsung that were made during the epic trial. The deliberation is set to begin tomorrow on August 21st. Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that both companies had until yesterday to report back on talks that were supposedly meant to narrow the claims. I wonder how well that went or if this just frustrated the already aggravated Judge Lucy Koh more. If a agreement was unreachable, Judge Koh was hoping that both the companies would at least simplify the scope of the suit to make the process much more easier for the jury. Thus you can imagine how frustrated the Judge may be right now.

In a joint statement, attorneys from both Apple and Samsung said  that the requested talks proved to be fruitless, as they were not able to settle or narrow down the dispute. Part of that is because this case isn’t only raging in the United States, as both Apple and Samsung are dueling each other in similar lawsuits on four other foreign countries. Will this ever end? Another part is that since both companies own a massive arsenal of patents relating to smartphones and tablets, it’s only inevitable that this case would be very complex (maybe a bit to complex) and a little broad.

All that said, the jury really has a lot of work to do now that the two companies couldn’t narrow anything down. This epic battle between and Apple and Samsung has had its many ups and downs, and both parties have some very convincing arguments throughout the start of the case. It’s very hard to guess who will come out on top, but it’s ultimately up to the jury.

I wonder if the Jury will just say Samsung comes out on top since Apple’s lawyers have provided some false information (i.e. their damages estimate) and/are “smoking crack,” according to Judge Lucy Koh. Tomorrows the big day, and we’ll just have to see who comes out on top of everything.

Any bets on who’s going to win the litigation tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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