Apple Survery Shows Top Reasons as to Why Users Prefer Android

As the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit continues to make headlines on a daily basis, consumers sure have been treated with numerous documents from the court battle. We’ve seen numerous documents that people have just bee shocked about. This latest one hasn’t really be shocking, but it is Apple essentially putting a percentage graph showing why consumers that are considering an iPhone make the leap to Android instead. You can see the graph yourself just below this paragraph for yourself. It is interesting to note that the most common reasons was that the customer wanted to stay with their current wireless provider. I would personally think that the reasons were because of better hardware and a bigger screen. But no, it’s the wireless provider. You have to understand that AT&T was the only ones that had the iPhone until Verizon was able to get their hands on it just this last year. Thus, that is the reason for the 48% going over to Android. I wonder if this means Apple will be suing the Android OS now, eh?

I’m really not sure how this helps Apple in their litigation against Samsung at all. I look at it, and this has nothing to deal with any patent infringements, so what’s the deal? I should also mention that you should take this survey lightly as it is most likely that Apple only surveyed those that were on carriers that didn’t have the iPhone in their inventory. There’s no options for things like, “Even though the iPhone was available to you, why did you get an Android instead?” Kind of ridiculous.

This survey does show a percentage of people wanting better integration with Google services. This kind of made me laugh because essentially Apple is destroying themselves in that area. How? Remember the news where they were trying to head towards a Google-free operating system? No more YouTube, no more Google Maps, no more Gmail (of course, you can still use them on the web, just not in app format). Thus, I’m going to assume that those customers that want better integration with Google services will probably never touch an iPhone in their life. And it’ll be all Apple’s fault, which to an extent is good since they won’t be able to come up with some way to sue Google for their terrible Google service integration. Did that last sentence not make sense, are you confused as to why they would do that? Yeah, Apple’s last litigation didn’t make much sense either.

As a personal opinion, Apple seems to be trying to get rid of a lot of their customers just from making these stupid movies. Sure, Google is a competitor, but a very popular competitor. To the extent that nearly everyone uses a Google service. Getting rid of it on your operating system for iOS 6 was a stupid and I mean stupid move.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the survey is accurate or does it seem very limited in its information? Any idea how this helps Apple in the court? Let us know in the comments!

source: The Verge