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Apple May Sell 250M Units of Next iPhone

Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets believes that Apple could sell as many as 250 million units of the upcoming iPhone. Berger revealed his prediction in a message to investors as reported by All Things Digital. Furthermore, he surmises that the next iDevice, which he thinks would be one of Apple’s largest product opportunities, could get $50 in terms of earnings per share as well as $47 billion in profit.

If Berger’s prediction is correct, Apple could have a considerable uptick for its other devices thanks to the new smartphone. Apple revealed during the Worldwide Developers Conference held last June that it had already been able to sell all in all 365 million iOS devices as of March this year.

Berger believes that the improved specifications of the iPhone 5 could help account for the high sales. The upcoming iPhone is rumored to have a faster processor, a bigger display, as well as Near Field Communications capabilities, among others, all of which will help the device become attractive for consumers. In addition to this, the phone may become available in China via China Mobile in 2013.

The latter market could help Apple sell 13 million units through China alone by the first six months of next year.

China Mobile caters to 688 million subscribers. It currently holds the record of being the largest mobile carrier in the world. Notwithstanding the fact that only a small percentage of China Mobile subscribers use smartphones, the fact that Apple would be one of their product offerings would open up new doors for Apple in that region. Apple has been trying to get China Mobile to offer the iPhone for their subscribers for some time, and they could be close to finally achieving this goal.

In the meantime, Apple has yet to confirm that it is truly launching the iPhone 5. Strong rumors have been circulating that the device will be announced in September and launched not long after its unveiling.

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