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Apple Gets Patent For Thinner Touch Screens

Here we go again with the Apple and their patents. Apparently the company has been granted on what I think is a absolutely ridiculous patent. They have been granted a patent for thinner displays. Seriously? Excuse me while I slam my head on the desk repeatedly due to the utter stupidity of the patent system. I guess no one else can make thinner displays for their devices now.

The United States Patent Office this week approved the Cupertino company’s plans that describe a method for integrating the touch sensitive technology into a LCD screen. Currently, touch screens work by placing a touch-sensitive layer over a liquid crystal display and thus results in a two-part screen. Wow, how about we begin patenting words too? That’s a fantastic idea, Apple can patent the Apple word and then sue anyone who tries to use it. Three cheers for a terrible company (/rant off)!

Apple’s application for the patent started by saying: “By integrating the layered structure of an LCD and a touch sensor, a variety of benefits can be achieved. Integration can further include eliminating redundant structures and/or finding dual purposes (e.g., one purpose for the touch function and another for the display function) for particular layers or structures. This can permit some layers to be eliminated, which can reduce cost and thickness of the touch screen LCD, as well as simplify manufacturing.”

By reducing the thickness of a touchscreen, numerous manufactures would find that appealing as it might just allow them to shove in some other components thus ultimately leading us to higher powered devices. That or it’ll just help reduce the thickness of a device. The latter is more likely, but I wouldn’t put it past some brilliant engineers to be able to make a really high powered device with extra room for hardware.

Some images of what are claimed to be parts of Apple’s upcoming new toy, the iPhone 5, have shown a nano-SIM tray and a small dock connector. This could all indicate a move towards increasing the internal space of the upcoming iPhone 5 and future products all together. Sure, it’s a really cool way to get a thinner device, but that shouldn’t even be allowed to be patented.

A couple months ago in May,  a report from a Taiwanese technology news site known as Digitimes had claimed that Apple could very well be using a new, ultra-thin touchscreen in its rumored iPad mini. There’s no surprise that they would be doing that with this new patent they have added to their arsenal. The report from Digitimes specified that the display in question was not an Apple innovation though. It was in fact directly taken from a manufactured device created by a Japanese electronics firm called and known as the Nitto Denko. Great job Apple, steal other peoples ideas then patent it. Isn’t that what you claimed Samsung was doing?

Whatever the case is, this new way of creating some very thin designs sounds really cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the iPhone 5 turns out if this patented technology is used with it. Whether it has been something they’ve been working on for a couple years now or if its a newer technology, I don’t know. If we don’t see it in the iPhone 5 we’ll definitely see it in the iPad Mini.

What do you think of this ultra thin design?

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