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Apple Back to its Dirty Tricks again, Drops YouTube App from iOS 6

iOS 6 would no longer support the YouTube app, which means iPhone 5 and all future phones which would upgrade to iOS 6 would no longer be allowed to have recourse of the largest video library on this planet.

Apple justified its move to drop the app claiming that its license to include the YouTube app has expired. By the time a renewal is solicited and Google puts up a new YouTube app on App Store, the customers can use YouTube via Safari browser.

That’s perplexing, right? The statement does not justify the deportation at all. YouTube’s APIs are public, just like all Google products, so anyone can build a YouTube app. So either Apple looks forward to building a customized and more personalized version of YouTube app or it’s Google, who just does not want to improve the interface.

As most iPhone users would know, YouTube app for iOS wasn’t a fancy app, at all. You don’t ever get what you’re searching for, even if you’re feeling lucky. Though it was one of the original apps Apple had included when it launched its iPhone way back in 2007, it seems it has stuck in that obdurate time-frame ever since then.

What made the iPhone YouTube app, another flaky corporate venture is the disintegration of Ads. The debarment of Ads eminently meant that YouTube wasn’t able to make any money from the app, at all. Though Apple had barred the Ads solely to improvise the user experience, the move pretty much justifies why most YouTube videos (especially music) didn’t just ever show up in the search results. Though Google could have worked around and tweaked the flaw, but as the epic quote spiels it- If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

According to certain reports which have emerged over the Internet, YouTube wants to take control of its app and doesn’t want third-party interference. Their primary focus lies in escalating Ad revenues and user experience and they want to drive their own destiny.

YouTube won’t be missed (iPhone users would know, why), nor would be Google Maps (as Apple replaced it by an equally potent app- Maps), but the increasing fear which mounts over now is, what if tomorrow, Apple drops a much requisite Google service from its barricade? Does this trigger the pervasive segregation of two leading smartphone platforms?

Choices are always welcome, but if a choice hampers your right to choose, than probably it’s not worth having a choice. In future, people would have to choose whether Google integration matters or not and whether they would be able to bear the increasing restrictions in the name of refinements, from the leading tech-giant- Apple.

Is Apple abandoning YouTube, a desperation (or separation) gone too far?

A tweet quite quirkily concludes this contention, “iOS 6 will not have the YouTube app it seems. In the battle of i and You, what happens to we?”

That’s what needs to be answered.

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