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Apple Asserts Samsung Galaxy Nexus Is An iPhone Copy

Apple maintained in court that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone has many similarities with the iPhone, such as the Siri  feature. Thus, the Cupertino company is asking an appeals court to ban the device in the United States.

This case is separate from the one between the two electronics giants in San Jose, California. In contrast with this case, that other case involves the hardware design as well as its general feel, while this one probes more into the software similarities.

Apple claims that features of the Galaxy Nexus phone were copied off the iPhone because the success of the iPhone encouraged Samsung to try to obtain some of Apple’s market share. Nonetheless, despite the alleged copying, Apple’s sales did not suffer too much because of the Galaxy Nexus.

To convince the court, Apple must show that the features that it purports were copied by Samsung were a vital factor in the sales of the Galaxy Nexus. Moreover, it should show that it indeed had gotten less revenue because of the Galaxy Nexus.

Apple has its eyes mainly on a unified search feature that is on the Nexus. Apple had been awarded a patent for this feature, which tries to find data on a range of sources on a device.

On the other hand, Samsung says that not too many people even knew about the feature, so it could not have been, as Apple suggests, a driving factor for the device’s sales.

Apple as well as Samsung still have a long time to prepare for the trial for this case. Although they had already given initial arguments in an appeals court, the trial itself is scheduled to start on March 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was Google’s flagship device. Released in December last year, the smartphone was the first to come with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It did not, however, enjoy much popularity as the iPhone 4S or Samsung’s own flagship device last year, the Galaxy S II.

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