AntTek Explorer, an intuitive file manager for Android

File explorers are a requisite on any smartphones, and there’s no shortage of choices. There are few popular file explorers such as File Expert, Astro and many more, but here’s a new file explorer called AntTek Explorer.

AntTek Explorer has a simple intuitive interface, and the main advantage is that it looks good both on phones and tablets. On phones, AntTek Explorer returns a two column interface in landscape mode, whereas on tablets, a three column interface makes the browsing of folders and moving the files a breeze.

The power of interface:
AntTek Explorer is a powerful app, although the power is hidden deep underneath. When you launch AntTek Explorer, you will be greeted with the default view, which to be honest looks very similar to tons of file managers out there on the Play Store. You’ll have a top bar with few options, a path bar, and a main window where all the folders will be displayed for browsing, but once you start hopping between various folders, you’ll find how easy it is do so.

One of the features I found was the missing of action buttons like Copy, Paste, Cut and Bookmark. This is due to the fact that the top bar is contextual, which means when you tap and hold on an item, options including move, copy, zip, delete and bookmark will be shown on the top bar. In order to choose any one of those options, you have to actually drag and drop that particular file/folder on the option icon of your choice, so say if I want to delete a file, all I have to do is hold that particular file and drag & drop on the delete icon. That’s a very intuitive interface I must say, besides making optimal use of screen real estate. When you switch to landscape mode (or on tablet), you can move files around easily by exploiting the drag and drop feature.

Effort is made to make best use of the available screen, like the AntTek icon expands to display app’s menu including Home, Bookmarks, Search, Transfers, Preference, Utility, Device Information, Buy ProKey and Exit. There are three options on the top. The first icon, multiple select mode, lets you select multiple files or folders for your convenience, and all the actions that are performed on a solitary file/folder can be done on multiple selections as well. The second icon lets you change the view style (helpful for those who don’t like dealing with icons) and you can sort items according to name, file size or simply in ascending order. The third option lets you do various folder/file specific actions such as adding a new file or folder, bookmarking, renaming, adding a shortcut to your Android home screen and more.

One great feature I discovered in the process of reviewing this app is that it has an inbuilt music player! The app’s music player looks great and even supports playlists, which means you can select multiple files and create a playlist out of it. The player also supports an in built equalizer.

What’s more? The path bar is clickable, which means you can hop from one folder to another with just one touch. You can easily filter the contents of your folder. There’s an overview screen which lets you jump to various folder locations including SD Card, device memory, network and cloud. While browsing with AntTek Explorer, you will be armed with many types of viewers supporting text, pictures, music, Zip/Rar, APK, and source codes for several programming languages. These viewers are absolutely handy as you don’t have to launch those common file types in a different app. Enough of the interface, let’s talk about other interesting features.

AntTek Explorer meets plugins:

AntTek Explorer packs in a lot of functionality, but if it doesn’t satisfy you in its stock form, fret not because you can add functionality to AntTek using plugins. There are file viewer plugins for TIFF and PDF, network plugins such as an SMB, FTP, WebDAV and WiFi File sharer clients, and cloud plugins for Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive. All these plugins will most probably satisfy all your geeky needs, besides transforming it into an all-in-one application for all your networks and cloud services in the process.

For some people, functionality isn’t everything. They demand style, and AntTek manages to satisfy that portion of the crowd too. Apart from the default theme, which I personally found to be pleasing, you can customize it or choose a different theme altogether. Theme option can be found under display preferences and new themes can be downloaded from the app store.

The application preferences let you change the sorting method or pick different columns, including Parent Explorer (with a swipable directory nesting), Search, main explorer, Overview (to navigate to the cloud or network), Bookmarks and Temporary Box. The options let you mold the file explorer according to your needs. You can even specify what back key does inside the app, hide some toolbars, or enable animations.

Conclusion: AntTek Explorer is indeed a versatile file manager. It offers a clean layout and is bundled with powerful features that add a lot to its functionality. The ability to customize it just makes it more appealing. The app is available for free from Google Play over here. Try it and let us know how it treats you using the comment form below.