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Android ICS Now Runs on 16% of All Android Devices; Jelly Bean Still Less Than 1%, Gingerbread Still Dominates

Early last month, Google announced that about 11% of all Android devices in the market were running on Ice Cream Sandwich.  A new report this month shows that Android has leaped from 11% to 15.9% in just one month as manufacturers release ICS updates for their devices and new customers purchasing Ice Cream Sandwich devices.  These statistics are based on the number of Android devices that accessed Google Play within 14 days up to August first.

Jelly Bean, the newest Android version released last month, still has a very low penetration as the only devices running it at the moment are the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus 7.  It accounts for less than 1% of all Android devices, 0.8% to be precise.  Android Gingerbread still takes the lion’s share of the market with over 60% of Android devices running on it.  Android Honeycomb accounts for 2.3%, Froyo stands at 15.5%, Éclair at 4.2%, Donut at 0.5% and Cupcake is almost dead at 0.2%.

There was a major architecture change with Ice Cream Sandwich which forced manufacturers to rewrite quite a number of their software and drivers and this means that updates to this OS version will take longer than it took for updates to be rolled out before.  As of now though, a number of manufacturers have rolled out Ice Cream Sandwich OTA updates for their devices and more are yet to come.  It appears the Ice Cream Sandwich will steal a share of Gingerbread’s share in days to come as more devices released over the last month and those to be released over the next couple of months will come with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed.

Many older models of smartphones and tablets will get ICS OS upgrades over time, but some will not.  Devices currently released with Ice Cream Sandwich now will however be upgraded to the newest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  This means that the Ice Cream Sandwich market will grow ass Gingerbread’s will shrink – Jelly Bean’s will grow too but not as fast as Ice Cream Sandwich’s over the next half year or so.  If Jelly Bean proves to be a faster and ‘lighter’ version of Android, it may be the perfect replacement for Gingerbread – particularly for low-end devices.

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