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Android HIFI app lets you connect to iTunes from Android smartphone

Now turn your Android smartphones into Airplay speakers with an app which lets you play songs directly from your iTunes library.

Apple has always bragged its state-of-the-art Airplay feature, which streams content between Apple devices when connected under the same Wi-Fi network. Thanks to Airplay, you no longer need to soak indispensable amount of storage-space by syncing songs and copying them in different devices.

Though the game is dazzling, it’s not fair-play. Apple as usual enforces its absolutist attitude of not allowing any device to use Airplay unless it comes it comes with a ‘fruit-bitten logo’. The despotism however has been repudiated, with an Android app-HIFI which lets you stream music to your Android device from Airplay Clients such as iTunes, iOS, etc.

The app developed by Pocketables Inc comes as a blessing to people like me, who have a blended combination of ‘fruits’ and ‘dairy products’. Now I do not have to worry about carrying my songs all along (at least not, while I am connected to my Home Wi-Fi), as I can turn my Android phone into wireless Airplay speakers by connecting to my Mac’s iTunes library via HIFI’s simplified interface.

I have Airplay speakers installed at my home and this app allows me to control the delay as well, providing a highly synchronized playback. I also use this app to sync the audio of any movie I am watching on my Mac with Android device. That way, I have a completely wireless and solitary movie experience.

Though it salvages me from the hassle of syncing all my songs all day, it still does not support video playback. Besides, I cannot rewind or fast forward my track, as it does not support any music playback controls.

The app is available for FREE on the Play Store. Though there are some limitations, we hope to see some major improvements made to the app sooner than ever.

Undoubtedly, an alpine High-5 for HIFI app! It succeeds in bridging two of the most outlandish and pugnacious arch-rivals of our times and lets you listen songs from your iTunes library, at absolute ease.


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