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Almost 50% of US Consumers Don’t Need 4G LTE Connectivity

A survey conducted by a U.S. middle-market investment firm shows that 47% per cent of the consumers in the country do not see the importance of an ultra-high-speed internet connection despite the fact that majority of mobile manufacturers became hysterical in releasing 4G LTE-capable devices.

Piper Jaffray conducted a survey of 3,000 respondents and the result was revealed by Christopher M. Larsen in his research note which he also shared with Apple Insider on Wednesday, August 22nd.

47% of the respondents polled believe 4G LTE is not needed while 26% shared their thoughts that all 4G network technologies are the same. Only 15% asserted that 4G LTE is the best technology today as far as data transfer is concerned.

The poll actually showed a shocking result despite the fact that majority of the carriers in the U.S. are aggressively rolling out infrastructure upgrades to bring the fastest connection to their customers as fast as possible.

As early as now, majority of the Internet consumers, especially the non-savvy ones, lack information as to what 4G LTE is all about. Piper Jaffray’s survey, albeit accurate, will only be applicable this time only. Come 2013 when people are more informed about the new technology, for sure the same survey will have a different result.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is set to launch in September and among the many features Cupertino-based tech giant is preparing to unveil is 4G LTE connectivity. Well, at least, that’s what many tech enthusiasts expect after the New iPad was released with that very same feature.

Piper Jaffray’s recent survey also showed that 55% of the respondents consider buying iPhone 5. This popular smartphone would be one of the most important tools in educating the people about the new network technology that allows data transfer as fast as 50Mbps, or even more.

Verizon is the most popular carrier in the U.S. today as far as LTE connectivity is concerned as it is the most aggressive company to roll out its upgrades ahead of others and do extensive marketing campaigns to promote its new service. T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, however, are catching up.

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