Alleged Xbox 720 Transaction Cancelled, Up For Bidding Again, Seller Meeting With Microsoft?

Update: it appears that eBay has pulled the new listing, it’s no longer a valid listing.

Remember the other day when we reported that someone who owned a “Durango” or Xbox 720 Dev Kit and was selling it on eBay for $20,000? Turns out the buyer cancelled the transaction because things were to “suspicious.” That said, the Xbox 720 Dev Kit is back up on eBay and the highest bid is currently at a whopping $36,600. Either the bidder wants a really expensive office computer or people are willing to pay some really good money for an early leak of the alleged “Xbox 720.” This only proves how anticipated the next-gen console is in the Xbox brand. Unless, It’s Sony trying to buy it off of eBay. In that case, expect a PlayStation 4 announcement in a couple of days with better hardware than the next-gen Xbox.

Usually Development Kits are simply loaned out and the person using it has no ownership over the hardware. Not to mention that they are on strict guidelines when using the hardware. Thus, I was surprised to see that Microsoft so far has been pretty quiet and calm about the whole ordeal. They haven’t made a statement but according to the seller’s twitter post, Microsoft wants to me with him for lunch tomorrow:

I was hoping that Microsoft would make a statement as they are probably now getting a consistent amount of e-mails asking for them to comment and etc. The world now wants to know what they’re doing. Of course, with Microsoft’s secrecy on this project, we could expect one of three things. Either the seller and both of his Xbox 720 development kits magically “disappear,” Microsoft sues SuperDaE for infringing on the guidelines if the user signed an NDA or Microsoft offers the user a million dollars and calls it a done deal. That or they’ll offer him a job. That seems to be how most people have been ending bad blood between companies and consumers. That aside, I’m putting my money on the latter two.

Having lunch with Microsoft sounds nice and all, but from the way SuperDaE has said it, it does not sound like it’s on good terms. His previous tweet even implied that he might just trying to illegally sell the Development Kit:

“Invited to lunch by Microsoft tomorrow. yolo” – SuperDaE

“Bahahaha. MS coming to coverup house. GJ GJ” – SuperDaE

Honestly, the seller seems like a immature brat from his twitter posts. I doubt that Microsoft will be treating this guy with a whole lot of patience and kindness. If they do, I can guarantee it’s only to keep a good business image. The amount of remarks he’s had to say about Microsoft on his Twitter page is ridiculous.

Stick with TheDroidGuy as more of this news unfolds. We’ll keep you updated if anymore Xbox 720 news rises from the ashes. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a little bit about the lunch meeting tomorrow, that is, if SuperDaE accepted the invitation. If not, well, I’m not sure what will be happening.

Any thoughts on all of this? Let us know in the comments!

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