Alchemy Classic HD Review

Available On: Android

Price: Free, in-App Purchases

Download: Google Play

If any of you remember, the core of Alchemy has been around for quite some time and now and over the years have had many different versions of it revamped and released. The game is very simple, at least the idea around it is. You will start off with the four basic elements which are earth, air, fire and water. Then, you will have to combine them to create new elements, then combines those new elements to create more new elements and so on. That sound’s really simple does it not? Yeah, you’re wrong.


In Alchemy, you’ll find around 238 (depending on the version you have) different types of elements to create, and by the time you actually are able to create around 30 to 40 elements, you’re constantly struggling to create new ones. I think by the time I created 32 elements, I thought that there was no stinking way there were 238 different elements in this game. It was freaking impossible, at least that is what my brain was telling me. I think I may have believed it after playing for around thirty minutes trying to figure out another element. As that sentence suggest, you’ll notice that the game is pretty addicting as well.


In the Alchemy Classic HD version I have, it’s showed me a list of the current elements that I could create with the elements I have already discover, not to mention that half of these elements I have never even heard of. Aside from that, the other couple hundred elements have remained a mystery to me and I still have not figured them out. I’m sure I will be going back to it though, there is no doubt that the simplistic complex of the game is going to bring me back to it. I really want to get those elements discovered, but again, it’s so dang hard. That said, you’re really going to like the game if you’re into something addicting.


The game has only three mechanics which are drag, drop and create (or not create because you just completely failed at combing elements in logical ways). Not only that, but it’s going to literally consume every little ounce of life within you. It’s going to finally make you reevaluate your life and where you spend your time (that is, if the game will allow you to pull yourself away, which it wont). I had the nerve to put down the game after I realized it was taking way to much time away from work, at that point, I realized I may have just played the most addicting game known to the Google Play Store. It’s way too true too.

My poor brain was in a constant state of overload wanting to explode at any moment . I was always constantly thinking, “what could I combine that would create this element on the list or even this element on the list? Hmm. I’ll try this, it sounds logical. NOPE! I’m a failure.” Yeah. That was basically my brain state for the time I was playing the game. I think that the easiest time I had creating a element was when I created a volcano. It wasn’t hard. Earth + Earth + Fire = Volcano. Yeah, anyone could of understood that and that’s probably the reason why it was so dang easy to make!


Alchemy Classic boasts of no type of graphics or epic music tracks. No beautifully timed scores as you combine an element after 45 minutes of constant tries. Nope. You won’t find any of that in the game. All it really is is trying to find what elements would fit with what. Playing the game I did notice that it was seriously lacking though. As I said earlier, it really needed some music. Some epic music from Two Steps From Hell would be awesome, but at the same time I think it could just use some sort of music that is “thought provoking,” so to speak. I think it really would add to the depth of the game play and not leave the user in a lost realm of silence and fatigue.

As for graphics, the only thing you’ll be seeing is a fairly nicely designed “old map” for a background drop. Next, the icons for the elements are very well designed to the point I didn’t even have to look at the sidebar to find out what element it was. Fire was fire. Water was water, earth was earth, stone was stone, air was air, volcanoes were simply volcanoes, and so on. It really is a never ending list. But the point is, they did a fantastic job and making sure the icons were able to distinguish themselves so the user didn’t have to be constantly look at the sidebar for help. Still, the sidebar has a bunch of names of the elements in case you still happen to get stuck.


I had some crazy fun with this game even though it was pretty dang difficult. I enjoyed having the ability to create various elements from really anything. I mean, I think this is actually the most fun I have had in an Alchemy game as many others provide boring visuals and the standard minimal game play. While Alchemy Classic is the standard gameplay, I feel that by adding some fairly good icons and a fantastic background drop, it really helped.

As I said before, the core thing that Alchemy Classic HD is missing is some music. It hasn’t been standard in past Alchemy type games, but as a general rule, I think people that start making games like this need to think about adding music to it. The game is fun, but adding some good music to it would be an amazing added bonus to the game.

All that said, Alchemy Classic HD is a free game to play. It has some optional ad removal services along with unlocking all of the elements which will bring you to a total of $1.99 via Google Play. The ads aren’t as annoying in this game because of how tiny the allowance of space its allotted. So I didn’t feel that ad removal was really necessary. It is a fantastic way to show the developers you appreciation though.

As for the unlocked elements, it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for some extra content. Not that you’ll need it for quite a while as its already nearly impossible to figure out the others. Once you figure out the others though, it’s definitely a good decision to purchase more elements.

I highly recommend this game, and it’s free!

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