5 Free Apps for Downloading Music

It is no secret that Android devices are great for playing music when one is always on the go, especially since they eliminate the need for bringing a separate music player. To enjoy music, one can always stream the content from an online source. However, some prefer building a personal music library with downloaded music.

To download music onto an Android device, one simply may install an app. Here are several for that purpose:

1. MP3 Music Download V6

This app from Gtunes Music V6, provides a list of songs that one may download. The list is pretty extensive, covering the Billboard Charts and even those in other languages. Users of this app may download the songs to an SDcard. The app includes options like renaming, categorization, sharing. It also allows users to use a downloaded song as a ringtone.

Download it here.

2. Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader, which was developed by 2Easy FM Team, is an app that may be used to download file types other than music. It can work with various browsers like Dolphin Browser, Firefox, and Android’s stock browser. Moreover, it is able to perform batch downloads and can organize files in folders.

Download it here.

3. Music Download Elite

This app is by Craig’s Android Tools, which provides users with a simple interface that lets users download songs, sound effects, and royalty-free audio files. It likewise allows users to create playlists. As well as preview songs before downloading them.

Download it here.

4. MP3 Music Download

Developed by axtell38e9idas, this app may not have a memorable name, but it does fulfil the function of enabling users to download music files. Additionally, it permits users to edit the downloaded file through a music editor and later use the file as a ringtone.

Download it here.

5. Tunee Music

Tunee Music is from Tunee Labs Limited. It can search and download music files. To help users know if they have selected the correct song to download, users can stream the entire song prior to downloading it. A Share feature allows the user to tell their friends what songs they acquired through this app.

These apps, among many others available on Google Play, lessen the time and the effort that it takes to search for songs to include in one’s personal playlist. Thus, it would be wise for music enthusiasts to download one or several of these apps depending on one’s needs.

Download it here.

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