10 Million Galaxy Notes Sold Worlwide

When Samsung announced launch of their Galaxy Note 10.1 at the event earlier today in New York City, the company had briefly announced that it’s sold more than 10 million Galaxy Note smartphones worldwide. That’s nearly the same amount of Galaxy S III’s they’ve sold worldwide in a statement they released last month. Really, the sales don’t surprise me as the Galaxy Note was Samsung’s first “Phablet.” Everyone loved the idea and jumped on board with anticipation. Thus the sales weren’t really surprising.

The original Note made it’s debut in late October of 2011 in Europe before it headed state-side in February. It was the first 5 inch phone to be met with such anticipation and success. It took in the mobile world by surprise, literally. When we first heard about it, it sounded pretty awesome, but with much anticipation about the phone you also get the critics with it. Thus, a lot of people speculated if it would do any good. Hopefully these sales are proof enough for them along with the fact the Galaxy Note 2 is on its way.

Samsung surpassed 10 million units sold a bit over four months after the company announced that it had hit the 5 million milestone. With the United States launch of the Galaxy Note combined with the powers of marketing and promotional materials during the most recent Olympic Games, there is no doubt that had a huge factor in pushing the Galaxy Note over the 10 million milestone.

Samsung is expected to launch the successor to the original Galaxy Note during its pre-IFA press conference on August 29th in Berlin, Germany. Rumors are still there that it has a larger screen and a bump up to a sexy quad core CPU. I’m kind of curious if they’ll be putting in their new Exynos processor or be using the Tegra 3 from Nvidia. Either way, anyone appreciates a bump of speed in their processors, right?

As for specs, there are still no official releases on that and probably won’t be until the event in Germany later this month. I’m sure we all can handle waiting only a couple more week though, eh (some of you can’t I know. Just hold onto your rockers though, you can make it!)?

Numerous websites will be live in Berlin, Germany on the 29th keeping their eyes on the announcement. That said, you should hear from us soon after. Keep your eyes on the watch out for some more Galaxy Note 2 news, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all of the latest news on this anticipated device. Hopefully that news won’t be anymore sly rumors though!

Is anyone excited for the Galaxy Note 2 release? It does not seem to be a huge difference from the original Galaxy Note, but the fact that the number “2” is on it is making everyone excited. Of course that extra .3 inches or something is probably also adding to that anticipation (that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it right away). Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

source: Android Central

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