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ZTE Expected to Announce ‘Most Advanced Gaming Smartphone’ Next Week

There was a tweet from ZTE’s UK account earlier today that seemed promising and got fans really excited – it appears ZTE has been working on something big and in 6 days, they are going to let the cat out of the bag.  Rumor is that ZTE is set to announce a new smartphone expected to be ‘the most advanced gaming smartphone’ but it is difficult to speculate on what exactly the tweet referred to or the specific details of what the fans should expect.

It is possible that ZTE has been working on a smartphone intended to battle it out with the Samsung SIII for dominance as the most powerful tablet and would be equipped with advanced gaming and multimedia capabilities similar to Xperia Play.  If the ‘big news’ is focusing on the hardware capabilities of the smartphone, then the smartphone’s operations should be different from what most smartphones offer today including dedicated hardware gaming buttons.

The new smartphone is expected to have a powerful GPU and at least a quad-core processor, most likely a Tegra 3 which is famed for its size, power and performance and ability to run even some of the most demanding games.  This will however not be such big news because there are already smartphones with the Tegra 3 processors – a number of them as a matter of fact.

Another option would be that the tweet referred to software releases – there is likelihood that ZTE has obtained a license for Sony’s mobile Playstation suite meaning that ZTE phones will be able to run PSX and PS Vita games.  This is highly unlikely though because Sony is working on a new Sony S tablet that may be intended for gaming specifically for the Playstation suite.  Alternatively, ZTE may have something completely different up its sleeve – we just have to wait to find out next week.

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