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ZTE Announces Grand X, A Dual-Core ICS Smartphone Featuring Nvidia Tegra 2

ZTE, one of the largest manufacturers of communications and network equipment, officially unveiled the rumored Grand X on Wednesday, July 18th, in London in a bid to keep its brand on the loop. ZTE Grand X may be using an older version of Tegra chipset, it would still be competing in mid- to high-end market basically because it has what it takes to be put side-by-side and compete head-to-head with popular devices from other manufacturers.

While other major manufacturers are trying to eliminate each other through various patent complaints and court battles, ZTE is on the double in releasing its new high-end devices and taking advantage of the opportunity to be noticed and widely accepted. One tech analyst said that if ZTE continues to become aggressive in releasing its devices (which it is now), in a year or two, tech enthusiasts will also be looking for its devices as if they are HTC’s or Samsung’s.

ZTE Grand X will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) pre-installed with pretty impressive specs. Among the key features the manufacturer boasts about are the following;

4.3 Inches Display – the display panel is a capacitive touchscreen featuring qHD resolution of up to 960 x 540 pixels or around 256 ppi density. It may not be as impressive as AMOLED display but it is economical as far as battery consumption is concerned.

Hardware – the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 system on chip (SOC) clocked at 1.5 GHz is paired with 1GB RAM for optimum performance. There have already been reports of smartphones sporting 2GB RAM but ZTE sticks to giving its high-end device 1GB, after all it is more than enough for a mobile phone to use. There are conflicting reports that Grand X will be given just 512MB of RAM but the fact that it will come with ICS OS out of the box, there is a good reason to believe it will come with more memory.

Audio – given the fact that it comes with considerably high display resolution, there is also a good reason ZTE will give it an impressive audio. That said, Grand X will feature Dolby Mobile Sound and HD Voice.

Battery – while previous reports suggested it will sport 1900 mAh battery, the announcement from ZTE itself confirmed it only has 1650 mAh Li-Ion battery pack. Taking into consideration that it comes with Tegra 2 processor and power-saver display, the battery may last up to 7 hours of straight talk time.

ZTE hasn’t disclosed the price and availability of the device yet but it hinted that it may be released in the first week of August. Full information of the handset will be revealed as it nears its release. More information can be found on Android Central which covered the launching in London.

Image Credit: Android Central

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