YouTube Launches New Face Blurring Tool

In a new update to the video upload and publishing feature, YouTube has announced on its official blog the launch of a face blurring tool. This new YouTube face-blurring tool will allow users to blur out the faces in a video after having successfully uploaded it.

“Additional features” will open up where the user can choose to ‘blur all faces’. This actually draws from the technology to detect eyes that Facebook launched last year and builds on it to use pixilated or noises to blur out a face. One thing though there is no selective blurring of faces, you can only choose all faces to blur out. So just in case you are thinking that all your protest videos will now make it to YouTube without your or the main protagonists’ face getting revealed, bear in mind that none of the other faces will make it too. This technology launched by YouTube has been around for a while and is certainly not unfamiliar for video editors who have been using software to blur out faces prior to uploading videos on file sharing websites.

Additionally, YouTube also provides the option to ‘delete original video’. When checking it, the option deletes the original video with un-blurred faces from the server. At this point of time however the technology is still not perfected, so inadvertently there would be situations when some of the faces in the video will not be blurred. But that should not be a problem as the uploader can still look at the video and check whether he is happy with the results before hitting the ‘publish’ button. Another option would be for him to make the video private without deleting it altogether.

A spokesperson for YouTube, Jessica Mason, wrote in an email that they are improving on the technology and that very soon it would have the issues ironed out with additional features to boot.

Via: ArsTechnica

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