Work Starting on Google+, Team Hired From Cuban Council

On the whirls of news going on the internet, this specific piece of news almost fell through the cracks. According to the Cuban Council, a part of its team has been hired / acquired by Google. As the news goes, Google has specifically hired / acquired this team for the purpose of developing Google+ and for this matter, a number of the company’s designers are not contracted with Google. Soon, these designers will set off to the Google land where they will work specifically on Google+.

In case people do not know what the company Cuban Council is or what it does, then a short recap of their services such as being the company that once designed the facebook logo, and Evernote’s website, and Rdio’s mobile apps, and also helped to define the beautiful WebOS UI, will be enough to describe what this company actually does. So now, this company is in close contact with Google, cooperating with its resources to help Google to hopefully give more than just a new look and feel to Google+. Although Google+ is pretty awesome as it is at the moment, with regular users increasing day by day, as users get tired of using facebook, the time might be soon for it to shine, which Google obviously might have realized, which is why we are noticing this collaboration or contract between these two well-known companies.

The news was shared on the Cuban Council’s blog. The title of the post was “A New Voyage,” and some key points in it went something like this, “We’re very excited to share that some folks on our team will be joining Google to focus on design aspects of Google+.” Now, we do know that the Cuban Council is working with Google to work on G+’s design. “Having worked closely with a variety of Google product teams since 2005, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to focus our creative efforts within the organization,” said the Cuban Council’s blog post.

Google does knows what it is getting because Cuban Council has worked with some really high profile tech clients in the past, including Google itself. Other clients such as facebook, Evernote, and Quora are noteworthy among the Cuban Council’s clients. The Cuban Council has not shared specific details about how many of its team members will be working on the Google+ product, which may have already been working on it, nor will they continue at the firm, or whether they are going to take on non-Google business.

“Cuban Council’s unique approach to design has helped them create the visual identities of some of the most well-known brands on the web,” a Google spokeswoman said in a statement, “We’ve worked with them for years and think they’ll be a great fit here.”

Cuban Council has not shared the price of its deal with Google, nor did they disclosed anything about the spectrum of “hire” or “accusation,” they are at with Google in this deal. Well, it sounds better to keep things undisclosed for the moment, but time will reveal everything and hopefully, we will get to see an enticing new look of Google+.

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