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Windows RT to roll-out on Android Tablets?

From malware to “trialware”, Android seems to have stolen all the limelight. There’s no such thing called Trialware, but there’s no such thing as switching operating systems on tablets either.

Reportedly, Microsoft is keen in releasing Windows RT- the first version of Windows to support touch-screen devices and energy savvy ARM processors. Windows RT has been designed in such a way that it consumes minimum resources and provides sublime performance.

Microsoft thereby is in talks with tablet manufacturers to put a trial version of their latest tablet-based OS on their devices.

The irony nevertheless lies in the fact that the Android tablets would be cheaper than Windows RT based tablets as the tablet manufactures would need to pay a license fee to Microsoft. Perhaps, Windows guys do not know the simple mantra- Cheaper, the better. Quality plus Brand recognition may fetch you top-notch rates, but when you are incepting your product, you always kick-off with market slewing rates.

Nevertheless, despite the ludicrous price-tag, corporate world might opt for Windows RT based ARM-structured tablets over Android tablets due to familiarity and brand recognition.

As a matter of fact, Windows based phones and Android based phones are alike in respect of hardware. Hence, switching over to the newer version of Windows would be simple provided Microsoft gets appropriate support from hardware manufacturers. It could work its way out by providing the manufacturers a part of their commission if they roll out their tablets/smartphones with Windows RT instead of Android.

For Microsoft’s strategy plan to work, people should actually be willing to buy Windows based tablets. Android is slick, easy and fun to use and thereby appeals the main-stream tech-savvy audience. Windows on the other hand, with its high-end features and complex functionalities suits only the corporates. Hence, blending fun with work and making the OS blazing fast and responsive would be crucial to Windows RT’s success.

Yet another potential drawback of Windows RT would be the lack of support for desktop apps. Quite apparently, no x86 featured application or desktop app would run on this version of Windows. Only apps which have been designed specifically for Windows RT and Windows 8 would execute flawlessly.

So conclusively, can we expect a Microsoft Windows RT trial app on Google Play Store? Would Google allow that?

Will Windows based tablets outwit Android based tablets in the near future? What do you think?

Share with us your magic-ball-predictions.

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