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Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 in June this year. Windows Phone 8 is essentially a new generation of the operating system that will be made available in later half of 2012. All previous version of Windows Phone operating systems had Windows CE based architecture at the core, but with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will be moving on to Windows NT kernel and will have many of its components taken from Windows 8, thus allowing applications to be easily ported between the two platforms.

We had previously written about Windows Phone 8 SDK that was leaked few days ago. Exploring the codes is a way to find more about the new operating system, and seems like folks at WindowsPhoneHacker have found something interesting.

It’s not sure whether this feature would be incorporated into final build of Windows Phone 8 or not, but it seems like Windows Phone 8 may have some kind of family child filter. The evidence was found in a simple registry entry which is labelled as ‘KidZone’ under ‘Family’. It’s not yet known what kind of feature may come due to this, but the evidence is found under Software –> Family –> KidZone in the registry for the OS.

Googling for KidZone reveals that it’s an app and describes itself on its official website as follow.
“the first app of its kind to let any Android device owner lend their phone to their kids, other children, or even an adult and control exactly what they can do. You simply select from a list of all applications installed on your phone and load them into a password secured home screen that only permits access to the apps you included and nothing else!”

KidZone in its Android form basically allows a user to “lock” certain critical features on the device so that kids don’t accidentally call a random person, or delete some app, pictures and so on. It is even capable of blocking ads and redirecting it to a preset page if clicked on. Also it is very helpful in situations where adults borrow your phone and snoop through private content.

It’s indeed possible for Microsoft to cook KidZone like capabilities into Windows Phone 8. Existence of such a feature is not proved, however, Microsoft may implement it at some point in time, and the feature will be most probably called as something else as “KidZone” is already trademarked.

It is already known to us that Microsoft will be restricting access to Marketplace with a PIN, which will be really helpful for parents to have a check on what kind of apps are bought. May be the software giant will choose to expand the operating system’s parenting capability. It would be great if Microsoft does include capabilities of KidZone natively, which will also prove to be a selling point for Windows Phone 8 devices that are slated to launch in the near future. Whatever it is, we will keep a track on it and keep you updated. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts using the comment form below.

KidZone, a paid app for Android can be downloaded from Android Play Store over here.

via WindowsPhoneHacker

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